Michaela’s Hope (110.1)

Michaela visits gravesite of her mom and gives viewers a short recap/overview of all that she has been through since the plane landed.

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828er’s reality

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MICHAELA: I miss you so much, mom. Everything has been such a mess since we got back. It was supposed to be happily ever after. But after 5 1/2 years, you can’t just pick up where you left off. Everyone moved on. Except us.

Starting over

MICHAELA:  So now we start over. The government thinks we are criminals. Other people think we’re angels or saints…or guinea pigs to be experimented on. Innocent people are getting hurt. Jared almost died. What kind of cop am I if I can’t protect the people that I love? What kind of person am I if I love a man who can’t love me back?

All good things

MICHAELA:  ‘All good things.’ What I would do to hear you say that one more time. I wouldn’t say I don’t believe. I would say that I want to. Because there has got to be a reason this is happening to us. I don’t know what it is. But I know one thing. I want my life back.

Why Manifest has succeeded

Manifest’s cold open starts with all that ails the survivors of flight 828. It’s not fair. They literally lost everything that matters most to them as time marched on without them. Lives continued, and relationships formed all while they skipped ahead a mere matter of hours. Manifest has succeeded largely on its ability to maintain the drama of emotional loss and family dynamics all while furthering the science fiction mystery that is flight 828. It’s a delicate balance. Good science fiction exists in that space between humanity and hard science. So far, Manifest has managed to walk the tightrope.

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