Autumn Switches Sides (110.10)

When Ben asks Autumn to tell him more about her experience at the Red Barn, she tells him about the Major’s quest for a Holy Grail, and that the Major is a woman. Ben thinks Michaela’s calling is about finding her. Autumn then throws her phone into the ocean.

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Breaking away

Scene continues outside the beach house. After Daly walks away, Ben turns around and sees Autumn at the side of the house. Autumn walks up to Ben

AUTUMN: [SIGHS] Sorry. I wasn’t eavesdropping. I mean, I was, but he seemed so aggro.

BEN: Yeah, at the farm, do you remember ever coming across someone called the Major? Is that a yes?

Breaking news

AUTUMN: I-I overheard them on speakerphone talking to someone they called Major. Laurence was scared, like the way you are with someone who’s way more powerful than you are. He was apologetic, asking for more money. The Major said money wasn’t a problem. “The Holy Grail is priceless.”

BEN: Holy Grail?

AUTUMN: I remember ’cause it was a weird thing to say. No clue what it meant.

BEN: Ah.

AUTUMN: Whatever the Major’s looking for, she wants it. Bad.

BEN: She? Michaela’s calling. “Find her.” Are you positive the Major is a woman?

AUTUMN: Yeah. That a big deal?

BEN: It just might be. Thank you.

Breaking waves


Autumn’s phone buzzes. After looking at it she throws it into the ocean.

Who can we trust?

We’re put off balance by the brief duplicity of Autumn Cox and her change of heart in this episode as well as Fiona’s helpfulness and presence on the flight despite experiencing no callings of her own. We’re not sure what to think or who to trust.

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