Jared Back at Work (110.11)

Jared and Michaela hug each other at work. Michaela tells him about how she is involved with finding the wife of one of the detainees. Jared offers to help.

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Michaela’s search

Scene shifts to the police precinct. Michaela is at her desk looking at her computer screen. 

MICHAELA: Where’d you go? You’re not dead. You’re not in jail. Come on. You got to be out there somewhere.

Jared’s surprise


Jared walks up.

JARED: Right here, actually.

Michaelae is shocked to see him. Jared has a big smile on his face. 

JARED: Not me you were looking for? I didn’t expect you to be back to work so soon.

They hug.

MICHAELA: You know, you could’ve milked the “almost died” thing for way more sick days.

JARED: Doc gave me the green light. And, uh, [PAUSE] I wanted to talk to you.

MICHAELA: Later, okay?

Teaming up

MICHAELA: I’m hot on this missing-persons thing. It’s the wife of one of the detainees. Riojas signed off on me investigating it.

JARED: Okay. Bring me up to speed.

MICHAELA: Uh, he’s an attorney, serious money. Looks like she lost everything after 828. Last known address that we have is some crappy street in Astoria.

JARED: Social media?

MICHAELA: Zero presence. She didn’t come to the hangar. I mean, everything that I found suggests a loving couple. So why didn’t she show?

JARED: You think something happened to her. I don’t know what to think. She vanished. Let’s go find her.

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