Two Tons of Love (110.13)

Ben stops by at the house and shoots hoops with Cal.

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In the car

As he pulls the car over to park on the street in front of Grace’s house, Ben is listening to a podcast on his car stereo.

AARON: During the 5 1/2 years the plane was missing, the flight path, weather patterns, and telemetry have been exhaustively studied. The NTSB report took 18 months. And it’s full of holes. But I’m not giving up. I’ll find the truth.

At the front door

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Ben rings the doorbell.

GRACE: Oh hi.

BEN: Hi.

GRACE: I thought I had them today.

BEN: Uh, Cal asked me to come. I figured he told you.

GRACE: Oh. No.

CAL: Dad!

Cal runs past Grace and gives his dad a hug.

BEN: Hey, buddy. [CHUCKLES] How was school?

CAL: Good. Uh, come on. I’ve been working on my shot.

On the driveway


Scene shifts to the driveway in front of the basketball hoop. Cal misses a shot.

BEN: Almost. Use your legs.

CAL: Why won’t Mom let you come home?

He takes another shot and this time makes it.

BEN: Mom’s not keeping me away, buddy. There’s just things I got to take care of. Things to keep us all safe.

CAL: I know. But why can’t you do any of that here?

Cal shoots again.

BEN: I wish I could, buddy.

Ben gets down on his knee.

BEN: Hey. Mom and I both love you a ton. Two tons.


CAL Two tons of love weighs the same as two tons of rocks. So basically, you’re crushing me.


BEN: You want to crush this ball?

Ben picks Cal up and takes him to the net so he can dunk the ball.

CAL: Yeah.

BEN: Crush it. Crush it!

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