The Holy Grail (110.14)

When Ben listens to 828-Gate, Aaron Glover’s podcast, and hears him announce next week’s episode, “Closing in one the Holy Grail”, he visits Aaron.

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Closing in

After shooting hoops with Cal, Ben gets back into his car. When he turns the ignition on, Aaron’s podcast resumes. 

AARON GLOVER: I’m Aaron Glover, and that’s all for this week’s episode of “828-Gate,” but you don’t want to miss next week’s episode, CHAPTER SIX: “Closing in on the Holy Grail.”

Ben presses the rewind button.

AARON GLOVER: Next week’s episode, CHAPTER SIX: “Closing in on the Holy Grail.

The phantom shiner

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The scene shifts to Aaron’s podcast studio.

AARON GLOVER: Glad you decided to trust me.

BEN: I haven’t yet. But answer my questions, and I might. What did you mean by “The Holy Grail”?

AARON GLOVER: Just something a confidential source said.

BEN: Not good enough.

AARON GLOVER: I won’t name names. Right after 828 returned, Senate Intelligence Committee, House Appropriations started having secret meetings in which they earmarked millions to preserve the phantom shiner. It’s a fish. Hasn’t been seen since the 1940s, so why earmark funds?

BEN: To pay for a clandestine operation.

AARON GLOVER: Look at you. But all my source had was a fragment of a conversation he overheard. A senator said, “It’s the Holy Grail.” We have to be the first, or 828 blows up in our face.”

BEN: The Holy Grail? You think that’s what the Major’s looking for?

AARON GLOVER: No, not literally. This isn’t Arthurian legend. But it’s something big. It’s time to go on the record.

BEN: Not yet. We’re still on background. But I will tell you this the Major on that chopper was a woman.

AARON GLOVER: What’s her name? – Don’t know yet.

Finding a side entrance

BEN: The chopper could lead us to it. I’m assuming you traced it. My source told me it was a military Black Hawk. We need Intel access. CIA, NSA.

BEN: Powell. Vance’s deputy.

AARON GLOVER: Can you trust him?

BEN: Oh, hardly. But I trust his loyalty to Vance. The thing is, I’ll never get through the NSA’s front door. But your sources could find me a side entrance.

No Python references in the entire episode

With all the repeated use of the phrase “Holy Grail,” I kept waiting for someone to reference Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Unless I missed it, there were no Python references, not so much as an unladen swallow’s worth, anywhere in the episode.

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