Helen’s House (110.15)

Michaela and Jared show up at Helen’s house and find it abandoned.

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At the front door

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Scene shifts to an urban residential street where Michaela and Jared are walking up to a house. After knocking on the door, they find it unlocked, and a bunch of mail on the floor. The house number is 1829.

MICHAELA: That’s not a good sign. Hello? NYPD.

MICHAELA: Newspapers, mail. This isn’t looking like a planned vacation.

In the kitchen

When they go into the kitchen, Jared notices a carton of warm milk on the counter.

JARED: I do not want to know what it looks like inside that carton. November 6th.

MICHAELA: That’s two days after 828 returned.

JARED: Causing her to leave in a hurry?

MICHAELA: Yeah, or taken. Maybe the same people who took Paul took Helen. I have to find her.

Inside Michaela’s head

JARED: You had a calling, didn’t you? When? What was it?

MICHAELA: Are you reading my mind now?

JARED: I know you, Mick.

MICHAELA: I need to go back to the beach house and see Paul again. Try and jog his memory. Maybe he remembers relatives or friends – who might be able to help.

JARED: Yeah. Okay. Let’s go.

MICHAELA: Why don’t you stay here and search the place? Maybe start with the mail.

JARED: Are you trying to ditch me now?

MICHAELA: Paul’s delicate. It’s better if I go it alone.

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