“Find Her!” II (110.16)

Paul Santino does not recognize a picture of his own wife. Michaela experiences the calling, “Find her”,  a second time. She and Ben agree that until they learn more, it would be good to look for both Helen and the Major.

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Connecting with Paul

Scene shifts to the porch of the beach house. Michaela has given Paul a photo of Helen and him to look at.

PAUL SANTINO: I don’t recognize her. How can I not remember my own wife? What happened to me? I just want my life back.

MICHAELA: Believe me, I know.


JARED [TEXT MESSAGE]: Got something. Call me.

Ben appears.

MICHAELA: Listen, we’re gonna find her, okay? And I’m sure once you see her, it’ll all come back.

Calling gets more vital


As Michaela leaves Paul to go speak to Ben she stops suddenly.

VOICE OF CALLING Find her. Find her.

Again there is a blizzard.  Ben sees her stupor and approaches her. 

BEN: It just happened again?

MICHAELA: Yeah. But these callings are so different, Ben. I thought it was about the words, but the blizzard, the wind, it just it feels more vital. Like it’s not just about finding Helen.

BEN: I don’t know what the snow means, but this mystery Major is a woman. And we definitely need to find her. Maybe Paul’s wife isn’t who we’re after.

MICHAELA: Okay. Until we know what’s going on, I think we should look for both.

Chasing for answers

Michaela sees Saanvi.


SAANVI: Hey, guys. I got your message. What’s up?

BEN: Uh, this is gonna sound crazy.

MICHAELA: I think our operational baseline is 10 points up from crazy.

BEN: Well, this is gonna turn it up to 11. Two sources told me that the Major is looking for the Holy Grail.

SAANVI: Right.

BEN: Yeah, I didn’t think so either. But she’s used the phrase twice, so it’s got to be code for something specific. What is she chasing?

SAANVI: Same thing we are. Answers. To what’s happened, what’s causing the callings, how to control them. I’ll go through the lab notes. Maybe I missed something. Yeah.

MICHAELA: Hey, I got to run. [CELLPHONE CHIMES]  Jared’s got a lead that might get us to Paul’s wife.

Ben looks at his phone.

AARON GLOVER: [TEXT MESSAGE] Powell @ Celestine. Happy hour. Get the oysters. You’re welcome.

BEN: And I got a lead on Powell.

MICHAELA: What do you want from him?

BEN: The Major, the Holy Grail. Where to begin?

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