Wrecking Ball I (110.17)

Jared and Michaela find Helen at a hotel in room 28. She tells them that Paul abused her, and felt her prayers were answered when the plane went missing But then when the plane came back, she felt as though a wrecking ball was smashing into everything she had built during the 5 1/2 years Paul was presumed dead.

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Finding Helen at a motel


Scene shifts to a motel. Jared and Michaela are walking up steps to the second floor.

JARED: The last charge on Helen’s credit card was an Uber ride to here. Clerk ID’d her photo. Said she was in room 28. Checked in alone.

MICHAELA: So not a kidnapping. More like she’s hiding. Why?

Michaela knocks on the door.

MICHAELA: Helen Santino? NYPD. Your husband, Paul, sent us.

When the door opens, Helen points a gun directly at Jared who is in front of her.


Michaela. who is on the left side of the door frame, grabs the gun from Helen.

HELEN: Oh, God. Please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me.


Hearing Helen’s story

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HELEN: I’m sorry. I didn’t believe you were cops. I thought Paul sent you to kill me.

JARED: Why would he want to kill you?

HELEN: He came close a couple times before. He was abusive. Not at first. But after we were married, it started. Said if I’d been a better wife, everything would’ve been easier. And I tried. But I could never be good enough.

MICHAELA: None of this is your fault.

HELEN: I know that now. Years of therapy, after he was gone.

MICHAELA: When the plane disappeared.

HELEN: Answered prayers when I found out the plane was back.

MICHAELA: The Paul you knew wouldn’t have been happy.

HELEN: What do you mean “the Paul I knew”? What’s going on?

MICHAELA: Something happened. Paul lost his memory.

HELEN: So he’s not coming? You won’t tell him where I am?

MICHAELA: Helen, it’s over. You’re safe. Okay?

HELEN: When I got the news about 828, I thought I’d never be happy again. Paul coming back was like this wrecking ball smashing into everything I’d built.

Domestic Violence

According to government statistics, domestic violence is (unfortunately) common enough that if the 192 individuals on Flight 828 (191 on the manifest plus Thomas the stowaway) are a representative sample of the general population, there would be at least one abuser among them – and more than one victim of abuse.

SOURCE: Baby M (Doux Reviews)

A really well-done twist!

The story of Paul Santino gives us a possibility we might not have even thought of: what if someone who lost a family member to the disappearance of Flight 828 didn’t want them back? The mystery of Helen not showing up at the hangar to retrieve her husband (110.7) was deepened by the abandoned milk carton that expired days after the plane returned (110.15), making us initially think she must be a victim of the government conspiracy. But paradoxically, the more mundane answer was much more interesting and unexpected. She feared death at the hands of a husband who doesn’t even remember being abusive, and guess what? Memory loss and a supernatural event don’t assuage him of that guilt despite what questions may initially arise in the viewer’s mind. A really well-done twist!

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (denofgeek.com)

Showrunners are to be commended

While that was disappointing, the showrunners are to be commended for resisting any compulsion they may have felt to use “Torn Between Two Lovers” (Mary MacGregor, 1976) or “Wrecking Ball” (Miley Cyrus, 2013) as licensed music in this episode. Unfortunately, the record company back catalogs are brimming with thousands of other equally dreadful pop songs that could be (mis)used in future episodes. Stay strong, showrunners!

SOURCE: Baby M (Doux Reviews)

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2 thoughts on “Wrecking Ball I (110.17)

  1. What happened to Helen? Her husband, Paul Santino, abused her and was the reason she spent years in therapy.

    Fluffy soap opera stuff aside. For me, Helen and Paul’s story is no less important than Ben and Grace’s story. Unlike Paul, Ben never abused Grace.

    Did Helen stop running from Paul and decide to confront him? Did Paul get his memory back and “kill” Helen? Will Helen and Paul have a tragic or happy ending?

  2. A psychological roller coaster! All the things you would expect people would go through after being separated for so long. Yet, all the twist and turns leave us surprised when it happens. Well done.

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