One Minute (110.18)

Ben tries to connect with Powell at a restaurant, but fails. Powell does not want to have anything to do with Ben.

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The sit down

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Scene shifts to Celestine’s restaurant where Ben finds Powell seated at a table. In the background outside the window is the Manhattan Bridge

BEN: Hate to ruin your party of one.

Ben sits down uninvited.

POWELL: Get the hell out of here, Stone.

BEN: I get it you blame me for Vance’s death. But I didn’t get your boss killed. Give me five minutes, and you’ll know who did.

POWELL: One minute.

The plea

BEN: The Major.

POWELL: That’ supposed to mean something to me?

BEN: It’s who Vance thought he was up against. She’s the head of a covert military operation, one that’s circumventing the intelligence community. Deep pockets, no accountability.

POWELL: You’re not helping your case, Stone. I thought you said you had a name.

BEN: I don’t. But you can get one. Trace a Black Hawk, based out of D.C. Flew into Red Hook an hour before the explosion. The Major, whoever she is, was on board. And she was looking for something she calls the Holy Grail. I need to understand all this, Powell. It affects the safety of all the passengers, of my family. Please help me.

The rejection

POWELL: Your one minute’s up. Whatever you’re into, I want no part of it. If you’re smart, you’ll walk away, too.

BEN: No. Vance didn’t. He believed that no one is above the law. He wanted to help me expose the truth, wherever it led.

POWELL: Like I said you got him killed.

BEN: No, not me. The Major. And you have a chance to ID her. [SIGHS] Ask yourself what would Vance want you to do?

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