Wrecking Ball II (110.19)

After hearing Helen’s testimony, Michaela and Jared arrive back at the police station. Michaela  believes she is a giant wrecking ball smashing into Jared’s marriage.

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The silent treatment

Scene shifts to the police precinct where Jared and Michaela have just returned from Helen.

JARED: Hey! Hey, what’s up with you?

MICHAELA: I don’t want to talk about it.

The questions

JARED: Clearly. You didn’t say a word to me the whole way back. What’s going on?

MICHAELA: Why didn’t you come to the hangar when the plane came back? I’ll tell you why because I am a giant wrecking ball smashing into your life.


The plan going forward

MICHAELA: Let’s not sugarcoat this, Jay. We owe each other that. I’m gonna tell the Captain that I don’t want to work with you anymore.

JARED: What? No.

MICHAELA: You found happiness, Jared. You deserve it. I am not blowing that up.

Jared and Michaela storyline vs. Grace and Danny

Fortunately, Jared’s brush with death has broken him out of his complacency despite Michaela wanting to avoid being the wrecking ball in his life. Their chemistry is so much stronger than Ben and Grace’s anyway, and it certainly trumps the awkward intimacy between Jared and Lourdes. Even the comment, “Not to kill the mood, but I’m ovulating,” (cf. 110.4) seems engineered specifically to kill the mood, and that intentional dissonance is appreciated. Technically, we should feel as sorry for Lourdes as we do for Danny, but the two situations almost seem purposefully opposite to give us both possibilities for couples disrupted by the missing five years.

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