Saanvi’s Hope (110.2)

The passengers that were freed from Red Hook warehouse are at a house along the ocean, but they are behaving wierdly. They all jerk in unison.

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Fingers in a light socket

Fiona has taken the missing passengers to a beach house where they are seated in a large room. They do not appear responsive although they are sitting upright in their chairs. Autumn is moving around the room checking on them. Ocean waves can be seen crashing onto the beach outside the window.

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Autumn reaches down to her sock, flips open her cell phone. Someone had sent her a new message, “Need to hear from you. Or our deal is OFF.”

The passengers all in unison jerk up in their seats.

AUTUMN Help! Help! Help!

Saanvi and Fiona run into the room.

SAANVI: What’s wrong?

AUTUMN: They all jerked. All at the same time. Like fingers in a light socket. It was freaky.

FIONA: Are you sure?

AUTUMN: Um, yeah.

The passengers again jerk in unison.

AUTUMN: Like that.

Fiona may not be the antogonist we thought

Manifest seemed to set up Fiona Clarke as an antagonist in the midseason finale and the show asks that question tonight. Fiona did actually take all of the survivors to an isolated house where she takes care of them alongside Saanvi.

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Low hanging fruit

Saanvi and Fiona immediately begin checking the passengers.

SAANVI: Could be a reflex. It could be, uh, residual brain trauma from the experiments.

FIONA: But all at once? It It’s like they’re still connected.

SAANVI: We need to bring the passengers together. Analyze their experiences. And warn them.

FIONA: 191 passengers?

SAANVI: At least the ones that were drawn to the airport when the plane exploded.

FIONA: Do you think they’ll cooperate?

SAANVI: I mean, if seeing what happened to their fellow passengers doesn’t convince people to stick together. These were the low-hanging fruit. Any single one of us could be next.


How the Saanvi character so far appears to be wasted

The only one of our main players who does not feel like their story is being advanced in any way is Saanvi. She seems to be relegated to Velma status and only shows up to help the Scooby gang when they need something smart to be said. Parveen Kaur is a beautiful and talented actress, and her Saanvi is wasted in the current structure. As many have predicted her and Ben should begin their relationship as they have palpable chemistry and it would free up Grace to reignite her love with Danny.

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