Believers (110.20)

Adrian comes across a group of believers who ask to touch him.

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Scene shifts to city sidewalk where the Believers have set up a stand with a banner “MIRACLES ARE REAL” Behind them across the street is a Pizzeria with red letters and a red canopy. They are holding signs that say “Flight 828 is a miracle” and “We believe in Flight 828.” Adrian walks toward them. 

MAN: Hey. He’s one of them! It’s Adrian.



WOMAN: Excuse me. Can we touch you? Please.

Adrian then allows three women to touch his hands and arms.

Adrian’s Wheel’s are Spinning

There’s a short scene where one of the Believers asks Andre, the former “entrepreneur wunderkind,” (cf. 110.8) to let her touch him. You can almost see the wheels turning in Andre’s head, figuring out how he could perhaps make a living as an object of worship.

SOURCE: Baby M (Doux Reviews)

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