Confrontation I (110.21)

Olive invites Danny over for dinner, making meat loaf.  Danny tells Grace that he and Olive are worried about her. When Grace says that “this is a family matter,” Olive argues that Danny is family.

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Scene shifts to Stone house where Olive opens the door for Danny.

OLIVE: Trust me this is gonna work. I totally killed cooking dinner.

DANNY: I don’t think that the quality of the food is gonna be the issue.

OLIVE: Please, me following in her culinary footsteps is just the warm-up. Tonight is gonna be something that everybody needs.

Grace descends the stairway into the living room.

GRACE: Did I hear the doorbell?


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Grace stops at the base of the stairs when she sees Danny.


Grace walks toward Danny.

GRACE: Danny. Um this is not a good time.

OLIVE: No, no. It’s all good, okay? I invited him over. Just for dinner. I made meatloaf.

GRACE: Olive.

DANNY: Grace, she’s worried about you. I am too.


GRACE: No. We’re not having this conversation. Not now. Not in front of her. I think you should go.

OLIVE: I don’t want him to go.

GRACE: Olive, this is a family matter.

OLIVE: What the hell, Mom?! Danny is family!

Olive leaves toward the kitchen and slams a door.

GRACE: Olive!

Cal who was sitting on the stairs watching everything that happened is typing on his iPad.

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One thought on “Confrontation I (110.21)

  1. OLIVE: I don’t want him to go.
    GRACE: Olive, this is a family matter.
    OLiVE: What the hell, Mom?! Danny is family!

    No, Olive. Danny is not family. He’s your Mom’s ex-lover, He’s a man who you are now abnormally obsessed with … for inappropriate self-centered reasons. Olive has a biological father who is legally responsible for her and the family’s well-being. Danny is not a substitute father, regardless how she feels about him.

    Olive has no boundaries. Grace has never enforced boundaries with her. Unfortunately, Ben wasn’t around to define any boundaries. Danny doesn’t respect the family’s marital and parental boundaries. He disrespects Grace by continuing to show up announced. And he disrespects Ben by blaming him for what’s happening in front of the entire family.

    Grace once promised Ben he would never have to meet Danny. Olive’s childish behavior has turned Grace’s promise into a situation where a solution to the broken promise will require much unneeded pain and suffering.

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