Confrontation II (110.22)

Michaela loses control of her emotions with Paul Santino calling him a monster who beats his wife. Saanvi intervenes telling Michaela to stop it. Paul who does not remember anything is dumbfounded.

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The setup

Scene shifts to the beach house where Michaela is walking toward heavy footed toward Paul. 

PAUL SANTINO: Did you find her?


PAUL SANTINO: Where is she? Can I see her?

MICHAELA: No. You can’t.

The encounter

PAUL SANTINO: I don’t understand.

MICHAELA: You know, I thought we were the same, you and me. Coming back, being alone. I felt sorry for you, for me. But we are not the victims. We do not get to come crashing into their lives, wrecking their happiness.

PAUL SANTINO: What? Why would Why would I

The showdown

MICHAELA: You seriously don’t remember, Paul?

With Michaela getting very emotionally and beginning to raise her voice, Saanvi enters the room.


MICHAELA: What’s wrong? Or maybe you don’t want to remember what a monster you are. You beat your wife.


SAANVI: Michaela.

PAUL SANTINO: You’re wrong. I would ne[ver] – I just want my life back.

Michaela is now screaming and pointing her finger at Paul.

MICHAELA: Stop saying that! You do not deserve it!

SAANVI: No, Michaela, stop!

MICHAELA: You do not deserve a damn thing!

SAANVI: Stop it! Geez.

Michaela leaves the room.

Michaela wields a heavy foot

As Michaela walked toward Paul, with each step viewers heard the loud clack of her shoes striking the floor. This can summon a wide range of associations. Although here she is not driving a car, she drives right through a S.T.O.P. sign and lets her emotions control her. The speed and force of her walk indicate she is about to exercise her authority. What is about to occur, however, is only a prequel. In this scene, driven by anger, she goes off on Paul. Shortly, driven by lust, she will lunge toward Jared and lose all inhibition (110.24). In ways she did not intend, she is quickly becoming the “wrecking ball” she only feared several scenes earlier (110.19).

SOURCE: Don Kincaid (

Is it fair to punish someone for a crime they have no memory of perpetrating?

It is interesting that Paul can’t remember his previous life. It is a positive thing as he was an abusive husband, but it is the other side of the coin from Ben and Grace who lost their previous lives but remember everything that has happened. It is reminiscent of the Black Mirror Episode “White Bear” that asks if it is fair to punish someone for a crime they have no memory of perpetrating?

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