Soulmates (110.24)

Jared tells Michaela that she is his soulmate. He tells her that he loves her, and does not want to live half a life. They passionately kiss, and take each others clothes off, before going into the bedroom.

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The knock


Scene shifts to Michaela’s apartment. As Jared knocks on the door, the apartment number 414 is prominently displayed on screen. Michaela opens the door. 

MICHAELAJared, no. You shouldn’t be here right now.

The admission

JARED: Stop. Stop telling me what to do. Or how I’m supposed to feel, Mick. Look, you asked me why I didn’t go to the hangar. I didn’t go because I knew if I saw you, I would’ve never gone home. Mick, you’re not a wrecking ball. You’re my soul mate.

MICHAELA: No, Jared, I’m not.

JARED: Yes, you are. I still wake up expecting to find you next to me. Mick, I still look at you, and the rest of the world just goes away.

The realization

Jared takes a step toward Michaela.

JARED:  I love you. It’s always been you. I didn’t cheat death to live a half a life. Neither did you.


Jared’s comment on living a “half-a-life” ties in nicely with the number of Michaela’s apartment “414”— half of “828”.


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Jared’s emotional speech

Jared’s speech about Michaela being his soulmate is exactly the kind of emotional drama we want to see between passengers and their loved ones. It’s complicated and messy but understandable. However, it does makes us wonder what’s going to happen with Lourdes now that Jared seems ready to get back together with Michaela.

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The display




Michaela steps toward Jared and leans into him giving him a kiss. They move into Michaela’s bedroom. They begin to take off each other’s clothes, all the while, continuing their passionate kissing. Jared picks Michaela up and places her on the bed getting on top of her.  Michaela then gets on top of Jared. They continue kissing. 

Michaela throws her body toward Jared

As Michaela throws her body toward Jared and kisses him, she lets her emotions control her. The speed and force of their passionate kill indicate they are about to have sex. This act, however, is a sequel to what happened a couple of scenes ago with Paul where Michaela let her anger control her (110.22). In ways she did not intend, she is quickly becoming the “wrecking ball” she only feared earlier (110.19). The scene also hearkens back to an earlier scene when after Ben throws the stack of Flight 828 articles on the table in frustration, Michaela says “Whoa! Hey! This is my apartment, remember? If anyone has dibs to trash it, it’s me”(110.3). The apartment (number 414 – half of 828) is a tangible reminder of Jared’s “half a life” comment. By having sex with Jared, Michaela might very well be “trashing” her life and Jared’s marriage.

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  1. The emotion in this scene was breathtaking, especially when Jared’s voice cracked as he was trying to explain why he didn’t go to the hangar. At first I wondered why the creators deviated so much from the clip in the previews, but going back and watching both this scene and the different scene from the preview, the “revamp” was definitely more powerful and fit better with the rest of the show. After Michaela basically pushed Jared away at the police station, it made more sense for him to beat down her door afterwards. Beautifully written, and even more beautifully acted out! Can’t wait to see how their story (and “Manifest” as a whole) unfolds from here.

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