The Major is Coming (110.25)

Powell calls Ben and tells him that he now wants to help him because that is what Vance would want. He tells Ben that the Major has left Washington D.C. in a helicopter and is coming to New York City.

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Powell’s turn around

Scene switches to Ben still in his car following his confrontation with Danny getting a phone call. 


POWELL: I found the Black Hawk. It went wheels up at Langley 10 minutes ago on red alert. It’s a VIP transpo, assigned for someone’s personal use.

BEN: It’s got to be the Major. You get a name?

POWELL: Classified. If they were at Red Hook, they’re likely behind the explosion that killed my boss. You asked me what Vance would do. He’d want me to help you.

BEN: Thank you.

The warning

POWELL: Just watch your six. The Black Hawk filed a flight plan—New York City. Whoever the Major is, she’s comin’.


Ben then sends Michaela a text message who is in bed alongside Jared who is asleep.

BEN: [TEXT MESSAGE] The Major is coming.

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