Ben’s Podcast (110.26)

Ben records a podcast telling the world about how the Major is after his family, but tells Aaron not to release it just yet.

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In front of the mic

Scene switches to Aaron’s podcast studio. Ben is speaking into the mic.

BEN: I don’t know her name. But she knows me and my family. And it looks like she’s after us. All we did was get on a plane. And because of that, our lives have never been the same. Everyone on that flight got a second chance. But it came at a high price. And now there’s a new danger facing us. I don’t know what Holy Grail the Major is closing in on. But I do know this I will not let my family be collateral damage in her quest.

Aaron hits a key on his keyboard to stop the recording.

AARON GLOVER: The way you worked in the tag brilliant. My subscribers are gonna go through the roof.

Behind the scenes

BEN: You can’t release it.

Ben stands up.

AARON GLOVER: Are you crazy? We’ve got to go after the Major. Figure out who she is, who she’s working for. Prove the government is lying to us. This is a huge scoop. People need to know.

Ben puts on his jacket.

BEN: Do it, follow the trail. It just can’t go public. Yet.

AARON GLOVER Then why did you come to me? [PAUSE] I’m your insurance policy.

BEN: If this ends badly, blow the lid.

AARON GLOVER: And if it doesn’t end badly?

BEN: Then you’ve got a Deep Throat. Be patient. Who knows how high this all goes.

Ben opens a door and leaves.

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