Danny’s Goodbye (110.27)

A short transition scene on the front porch of the Stone house’s has Danny saying goodbye. 

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The scene shifts to the front porch of the Stone’s house.

GRACE: Danny

DANNY: You don’t need to say anything. If you’re ready, when you’re ready: next week, next month, next year, just say the word.

Danny walks to his truck.

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3 thoughts on “Danny’s Goodbye (110.27)

  1. “He could have continued to walk after the dining room confrontation.”

    Agreed. For someone who sucks up more than his fair share of the show’s oxygen, it would appear that producers and writers have had an extremely difficult time either making Danny’s character relevant and or getting rid of him.

    The last known thing he said to Grace was, ” You don’t need to say anything. If you’re ready, when you’re ready: next week, next month, next year, just say the word.”

    After his goodbye speech, Grace and Ben borrowed his truck to search for Cal (112.6). Now that Grace is possibly pregnant with “Little Danny,” will Danny be involved? Or will Ben irrefutably be declared the baby’s daddy … and Danny disappears from the story altogether? As I see it, good for Ben and good riddance to Danny.

    Regardless how everything unfolds, the “Grace is pregnant” storyline is something that has greatly disappointed (and continues to greatly disappoint) me far more than anything else taking place on the show. Period.

  2. It appears to me that Danny is not just a lost soul or an opportunist, but a sociopath. No, not the axe wielding kind, although hacking at someone’s emotions might be equal.

    A sociopath cares nothing about others, but only about himself. He can lie, cheat and manipulate with little or no feeling.

    One method he uses is “take away” in which an offer or promise appears to be withdrawn, only to be restored when the victim caves in.

    Some examples: the first date incident, where he offers to leave as Grace is telling him she feels odd about dating. He could have told her he understand, actually left and called later.

    On the meatloaf incident, he could have told Olive that meatloaf wasn’t his favorite dish and not ask for more.

    He was quick to drop Acadia (after training for months) just when Olive complained, but happy to restart.

    He could have continued to walk after the dining room confrontation.

  3. When Danny first met Grace, he intently listened to her every word. And he used her own words to open the door to her heart … and then he walked smoothly into her life.

    At first, it was “Gee, Grace. You look like hell.” Now it’s, “You don’t need to say anything.” Danny knows exactly how to use words when it comes to manipulating Grace.

    He has now showed up twice uninvited at Ben and Grace’s home. The first time she told him, “You can’t be here.” This time it’s, “Um this is not a good time.”

    When it was “you can’t be here,” she was “rebuilding” her marriage. After kicking Ben out of the house, she said, “… this is not a good time.” But she didn’t say, “You can’t be here.”

    Unfortunately for Ben, Danny understands what motivates Grace more than him. Unfortunately for Grace, she needs Ben more than she needs Danny.

    The alarm clock will go off soon. It will be very loud, and Grace will have to wake-up before her nightmares become real.

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