“Find Her!” III (110.28)

After Michaela experiences of the calling the third time, she realizes that the voice in her head is not hers, and that she is having someone else’s  calling.

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The scene shifts to the beach house.

BEN: Then we should move the people to a-a nursing home – under false names.

FIONA: No. Paul’s awakening gave us an insight into their catatonia. They were harmed in service of my theories. Now we may be close to a cure. I will not abandon them when there’s still hope. Then we need to find a way to keep you all safe.


VOICE OF CALLING: Find her. Find her. Find her.

In the blizzard, someone falls and places hand in snow. The person has a red jacket on.

BEN:  Hey.

Michaela groans.

BEN: The calling again? “Find her”?

FIONA: You found Helen. Now it must be telling you to find the Major.

MICHAELA: I don’t think we’re supposed to find anyone. I think I’m having someone else’s calling.

FIONA: What do you mean?

MICHAELA: The voice in my head. It’s not mine. What the hell’s going on?

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