The Taken (110.29)

Powell is taken by the Major. Then Autumn is taken. In between, The song “Easier” plays in the background of a montage where Jared is looking over Lourdes, and Grace looking over Olive and Cal.

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Powell is taken

Scene shifts to a city street where Powell is getting out of his car. A vehicle’s tires screech as an Escalade comes to a stop and three men surround him and escort him into the SUV. 



Jared stands at his bedroom door and watches Lourdes sleep.

🎵 Face up, untouched 🎵
🎵 Gazing at the ceiling 🎵

Grace stands at a bedroom door watching Olive and Cal sleeping.

🎵 Game’s up Never bring you down 🎵
🎵 Face up, I’ll lose 🎵
🎵 Craving for some feeling 🎵

Autumn is in a coffee shop.

🎵 Game’s up – We’re nowhere to be found 🎵



ARTICLE: The Meaning of the Montage at the end of Episode 110

Get ready for one hell of a ride

Jared and Michaela gave in to their feelings for one another and slept together (110.24). While it was a moment we have been waiting for, it was also a moment that will forever change them. Jared feels torn between what he wants and what he has after we saw him standing in the doorway watching his wife sleep. From here on out, the pair will have to make a decision and honestly, the journey we will take with them is going to be one hell of a ride.

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Autumn is taken

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AUTUMN: I’m stuck Um, can I squeeze by?

JANSEN: Autumn. What a lovely name.

Autumn looks horrified.

JANSEN:  Your name. It’s on the cup.

AUTUMN: Sorry. I didn’t mean to freak on you. It’s just been a weird day.

JANSEN: I understand. And I think perhaps you lost your phone?

He then shows her a phone which looks like the phone she had tossed into the ocean.

AUTUMN: No, that’s not mine.

JANSEN: It is now. The Major would like a word.

Outside a man stands on the sidewalk next to a vehicle.

Strong hooks for the show moving forward

The roadblocks caused by Vance’s partner being rounded up for snooping into the Major’s whereabouts and by Autumn being given another phone to force her compliance show that Manifest still has a strong enemy at hand and plenty of secrets to unveil, and the government conspiracy plot continues to be a strong hook for the show moving forward.

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Who is going to die next?

With Manifest‘s large cast, we have to wonder if someone will be dying this season. Especially when new supporting members, Autumn and Adrian, look like they could be heading down a dark path. The Major forces Autumn to take the phone she had originally discarded back while Adrian embraces the cult of Flight 828 worshippers.

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