Ben’s Hope (110.3)

It’s been ten days since the Red Hook explosion. Ben is at Michaela’s apartment and is frustrated because he can’t find answers, and wants to return home to be with Grace and the kids.

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Michaela’s entrance


After Grace kicked Ben out of the house, Ben and Michaela found an apartment. As the scene opens, Ben is looking over photos and charts of Flight 828 passengers. On Ben’s cardboard display, there is a picture of the plane blowing up, and of Leo the stowaway. A post-it note reads, “Were we the only ones?” Next, the viewer sees nine photos of unidentified passengers (although the center one will be introduced in 110.7). There are  areas entitled, “Saanvi’s Research,” showing MRI scans of her brain, “Collateral Damage,” with a photo of Vance, “Who is involved” with a diagram of where the passengers were seated on the plane, “Believers,” and “Conspiracy.”  There is also a special section devoted to Cal and his drawings labeled, “His Connections are Different Why?” Ben picks up a stack of magazine articles, and while flipping through exhales sharply throwing everything back onto the table.

The door of the apartment opens, and Michaela enters.

MICHAELA: Whoa! Hey! This is my apartment, remember? If anyone has dibs to trash it, it’s me.

BEN: There’s got to be an answer here. I just don’t see it. [SIGHS] I’m sorry. Where’d you go?

MICHAELA: I went to go see Mom. I gave her quite the earful.

BEN: She was always the best listener. Did it help?

MICHAELA: It felt good to be there. To do something.

BEN: Yeah. Tell me about it. I’m going out of my mind here. All I want to do is protect Grace and the kids, and now I can’t even be with them.

MICHAELA: Grace is gonna take you back.

BEN: If I can just put this to bed, life goes back to normal.

MICHAELA: It has been 10 days. No callings. Maybe it’s over. Maybe the lab explosion reset everything.

Ben’s exit

BEN: You really believe that?

MICHAELA: I want to, yeah. It’s better than letting it drive me crazy.

BEN: [LAUGHS] Meaning what I’m doing?

MICHAELA: [SMILING] You said it, not me.

Ben sighs and then heads for the door.

MICHAELA:  Hey, where are you going?

BEN: It’s Vance’s memorial today.

MICHAELA: What, you think it’s a good idea to go to that?

BEN: I’ll keep a low profile. And I got to pay my respects. He died helping us.


BEN: And maybe I’ll get a lead. Come on. Isn’t it Cop 101 go to the murder victim’s funeral, look for a guilty killer?

MICHAELA: Not quite like that. And you’re not a cop.

BEN: No, but I’m a dad, and I’ve got to protect my son. Cal channeled Marko. Cal found the detainees under that warehouse. My kid is at the center of everything happening to us. I’ve got to know why. It just [PAUSE] It just might save his life.

Ben opens the door of the apartments and heads outside.  Michaela exhales deeply.

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