“Find Her!” IV (110.30)

That night, Cal is laying in bed and we learn that he is having the same calling as Michaela has been having that day (“Find Her! with a vision of a man walking through a blizzard), except that Cal seems to be more sensitive to it. His hands are on the verge of getting frostbite

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At the beach house

Scene shifts to the beach house.


SAANVI: I think I found the Major’s Holy Grail.

BEN: What? What is it?

SAANVI: No, it’s not a what. It’s a who. These failed experiments weren’t all a complete failure. The trial was tracking relative success. They found that some of the passengers are more sensitive to the callings.

BEN: Cal. If the Major finds out what he can do

MICHAELA: We got to make sure she never does.

Michaela’s connection with the Major

With the help from a “calling” turned awakening, Michaela was able to awaken Paul, one of the comatose detainees. Her power now involves visions. She has a vision in someone else’s voice of a snowy scene and someone trying to “find her”. Little does she know the “her” in question is Michaela. She is channeling The Major evidently and that psychic connection could very much come in handy moving forward.

SOURCE: Tracy Palmer (signalhorizon.com)

In Cal’s bedroom


Scene shifts to Cal’s bedroom where we find him in bed shaking. A bright light appears and once again we see the blizzard and the man with bloody hands and red jacket holding a photograph of Michaela


The vision ends with another bright light. Cal’s fingers appear to have frostbite.


Who is the Major, and What is the Holy Grail?

By the end of the episode, we have what we think is one of the answers: Cal is clearly special. But the whole concept of a shady government entity pursuing a child with a strong mental connection to his fellow passengers is still clouded with questions, which is just where Manifest wants us…So the “find her” calling wasn’t about Helen at all — big surprise — but about a man searching for Michaela. Is the man another passenger? That might explain why Cal’s special sensitivity as the “holy grail” causes his fingers to feel the cold of the blizzard, but who knows?

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (denofgeek.com)

Showrunners are to be commended

Cal (Jack Messina) and Michaela’s visions of a blizzard are starting to hint at a new connection. None of the passengers that we know about are in a climate that matches the icy environment teased in their visions, begging to question who they’re channeling here. The snow could be interpreted as a metaphor but Cal’s hand showing signs of frostbite tell us a man is dredging his way through a snowstorm — and this man will eventually reveal himself — we just don’t know if the mystery man is an ally — or a foe.

SOURCE: Paul Zuniga (Huluwatcher.com)

Something fishy is going on. Might this be another red herring?

Everyone is worried about Cal, but it appears that Michaela is in The Major’s crosshairs. Michaela likely is the “Holy Grail”. It is her ability that has driven each of the events so far, and it is her picture The Major in the snow is holding. As podcaster Aaron points out, there is something fishy going on, but this might just be a red herring (bada bing ladies and gentlemen). The person who is searching for Michaela may not be The Major at all but a powerful ally our flight 828ers have not yet met. In typical Lost style, this new revelation may be nothing more than a misdirection.

SOURCE: Tracy Palmer (signalhorizon.com)

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