Lourdes’ Hope (110.4)

Jared is set on going back to work, but Lourdes tells him she is ovulating and she can think of another way to spend the day. Jared, however, stays distant saying he is not ready.

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Morning rising

Birds are chirping as Jared wakes up. In bed, next to him is his wife Lourdes. Jared who has no shirt on sits on the edge of the bed. Marks and bruises from the explosion are visible on his skin. Lourdes is wearing a dark red shirt.

LOURDES: You almost died. You could take another week off.

JARED: I feel great.

Lourdes sits up, moves behind Jared, and speaks tenderly in his ear rocking him back and forth.

LOURDES: As in great great?

JARED: [CHUCKLES] Pretty damn good.

Pressure rising

Lourdes continues to rock him back and forth while rubbing her fingers in his hair.

LOURDES: Well, I know another way that we can beat the boredom. And it doesn’t involve going to work.


LOURDES: And not to kill the mood, but I’m ovulating.

Jared hesitates.

LOURDES: Or not.

JARED: Look, after everything I went through, I just, I just need a beat, okay, just to get my bearings back. That’s it.

LOURDES: Mm, babe, I get it. No pressure. We got all the time in the world.

They kiss.

JARED Mm.  Thank you.

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