Cal’s Hope (110.5)

Cal misses his dad and asks his mom why he can’t come home. Grace tells him he needs time to take care of a few things. Cal then texts his dad inviting him to come over later.

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Grace update

The scene shifts to Grace’s kitchen. Cal and Olive are seated at the table. Cal is on his iPad.

OLIVE: [SIGHS] Frozen waffles. This is bad.

CAL: They still taste good.

OLIVE She’s in a dark place.

CAL She misses Dad. [TOASTER POPS]

Olive update

CAL Don’t you?

OLIVE: Of course.

Grace brings each a plate with one waffle on it.

GRACE: Here you go. A little bit crispy, but nothing some extra maple syrup won’t hide.

OLIVE: Thanks, Mom. Yeah, I’ve got to go. I have this, like, study thing before school.  See ya.


Olive grabs her backpack and leaves the kitchen.

Cal update

CAL: Why can’t Dad come home?


Graces sits down next at the table next to her son and talks to him at eye level. 

GRACE: He just needs some time to take care of some things. And we agreed that it’d be best to do them while he was living with your Auntie Mick.

Cal pokes his waffle with his fork.

GRACE: Don’t eat that. How about smoothies on the way to school?

CAL: Sure.

While Grace takes the plates to the sink, Cal grabs his iPad and sends a text to his dad. 

CAL:  [TEXT MESSAGE]  “Dad, can you come over later?”

Cal and Olive try to help each in their own way

The Stone household is anything but peachy these days. With Ben on the outs with his wife, things are rather sullen at home. The kids notice. Kids notice everything, even when you think you’re hiding your marital troubles well, the kids know. So they try to help. Olive runs off to find Danny — the father she has known for the last five years when her real father was supposedly dead/missing (110.12). Cal calls up his own father, the one he has been with the whole time.

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