Vance’s Memorial (110.6)

While Ben is at Vance’s memorial, Deputy Powell tells him to leave that he was the reason Vance got killed.  As Ben leaves, Aaron Glover, a journalist, catches up with him and tells him that the Major was at Red Hook an hour before the explosion.

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The eulogy

Scene shifts to an outdoor park where a man is speaking at a podium.

MAN AT PODIUM: An esteemed NSA Deputy Director, a man of honor and dignity, Robert Vance died as he lived in service of our great country, uncovering a domestic terror cell’s bomb-making operation in Red Hook.

While the man is speaking, Ben is texting with Cal. After reading Cal’s text, “Dad, can you come over later?” Ben sends him a text back. 



BEN: [TEXT MESSAGE] Me too. I’ll be there, bud!

MAN AT PODIUM:  Our heartfelt condolences to Estelle and the Vance children, as well as Bobby’s friends.

An undercover government agent standing on the perimeter of a sectioned off area notices Ben, and approaches Deputy Powell who is seated in the VIP section.

MAN AT PODIUM:  Bobby wasn’t a particularly social man, eschewing small talk, but anyone who knew him saw that the loyalty he showed this country could only be matched by his devotion to his friends and especially family. Bobby’s father fought and died in Vietnam. When I met Bobby, the first story he told me was of his devoted mother…

The rejection

Another man watches Deputy Powell get out of his seat and approach Ben.

POWELL: You have some nerve showing up here. You got him killed.

BEN: Look, I don’t know what you think

POWELL: Show some respect and leave.

The invitation

Man at the podium continues to speak although now indistinctly. As Powell heads back to his seat, and Ben starts to leave the area, the man who was watching in the distance approaches.

AARON GLOVER: Hey. Ben Stone, right? Don’t tell me you believe that story about mad bombers. We both know it’s not true. I’m Aaron Glover. I’m a journalist. My podcast is “828-Gate.”

BEN: Podcast. That’s still a thing?

AARON GLOVER: Yeah, it’s very much a thing. You should have a listen.

BEN: Nope. No comment.

AARON GLOVER: You can’t stop me from reporting that I saw you here. And having a moment with Agent Powell. You seem to be pretty cozy with the NSA. My listeners are gonna wonder why.

BEN: Say what you want about the government. But I’m a private citizen. Keep me out of your story.

AARON GLOVER: You are the story.

BEN: [SCOFFS] Look, I don’t know you, I don’t know your podcast, but you’re wasting your time.  I’ve got nothing for you.

Ben starts walking faster ahead of Aaron.

AARON GLOVER:  Maybe I have something for you. Why did a chopper drop off the Major at that factory in Red Hook an hour before the whole thing goes boom?

Ben stops walking, and turns around. 

BEN: Major who?

AARON GLOVER I don’t know, but whoever it was is still out there. Still a threat.

BEN: What can you do about it?

AARON GLOVER: You need allies, and I can deliver them. Just give me a statement.

BEN: What, and blow up my life to launch your career?  No, thanks.

Ben starts walking again.

AARON GLOVER: You know check out the podcast. You’ll see I want to do this right.

Episode’s focus on the Major

When a show takes a hiatus midseason, it’s helpful to come back with an additional hook, and Manifest’s focus on the Major, an important conspirator, in its first episode back serves that purpose well.

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  1. They may have had a funeral, but we didn’t see a body. Just sayin’–
    Of course, I would not blame actor Daryl Edwards for having jumped ship for other projects–which, maybe as a secondary character his contract permitted? And I would pat the show creators on the head for teasing his possible reappearance with no body being shown.

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