“Find her!” I (110.7)

Michaela receives a calling after she touches Paul Santoni. It is unlike any of the others. She sees a blizzard and hears “Find Her!” Paul then wakes up from his comatose state. Saanvi asks Michaela to try and wake up the other passengers, but she is unable to do so.

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First impression

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Scene shifts back to the beach house where Michaela has now joined Saanvi and Fiona.

MICHAELA: Did you reach all 20?

SAANVI: 18, minus Harvey and Kelly. Uh, most of them can make it. Thanks for getting here so quickly.

MICHAELA: Ben’s right behind me.

Michaela sees one of the unidentified passengers Ben had on his cardboard poster chart. Like the others, he is seated in a chair, but nonresponsive. 

MICHAELA: I recognize this guy from the airport.

SAANVI: Yeah. Paul Santino. He’s a local. His wife was a no-show at the hangar.

MICHAELA: Abandoned. You and me both, buddy.

A different kind of calling


When Michaela gives the sleeve of Paul’s shirt a slight tug, she receives a calling. The screen switches to a blizzard, and Michaela hears a voice:


Michaela gasps and steps backward.

SAANVI:  Are you okay? Michaela? Did you just have a calling?

MICHAELA: [BREATHING HEAVILY] Yeah, but that was not like the other ones. I was transported to a blizzard, and I heard, “Find her.”

A passenger wakes up

Paul Santino begins to wake up.

SAANVI: What did you do to him?

MICHAELA: I don’t know.

Paul Santino, while still seated in his chair, looks around.


Paul Santino is now standing up and drinking a glass of water.

PAUL SANTINO: Yeah, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t, understand. What-What is this place? Who are you people?

Saanvi and Michaela look at each other.

MICHAELA: Do you remember a plane? Do you know what year it is?

PAUL SANTINO: What happened to me?

MICHAELA: That’s what we’re trying to figure out. What is the last thing that you remember, Paul?

PAUL SANTINO: Is that my name?

MICHAELA: Paul Santino. You have a wife Helen.

PAUL SANTINO: I’m married? That, uh, that doesn’t doesn’t feel right. Are you sure?

MICHAELA: You know what? I’ll double-check.

Michaela tries helping another passenger

Michaela and Saanvi walk toward the other end of the room near the window.

SAANVI: Sounds like complete amnesia. Probably happened with the electro-shock tests. Can we try to see if you can wake up another one?

MICHAELA: I’m not magic, Saanvi.

SAANVI: I know. I have been trying around the clock to help them. Nothing is working. I would be crazy not to try.

Michaela walks over to one of the passengers and touches him on his arm.

MICHAELA: Hey, Marko.

Michaela tries again, but this time places her hand on his left cheek.


Michaela looks at Saanvi.

MICHAELA: See? I am not magic.

SAANVI: Could be a coincidence. Or neuroplasticity. Their catatonia could be the body’s way of forcing the brain to rest and rebuild neural pathways. Heal themselves.

MICHAELA: You’re the doctor.

SAANVI: Okay, so I should be able to do more than just keep them alive.

MICHAELA: Maybe that is exactly what you are supposed to be doing giving them time to heal. They will wake up when they’re ready.

Understanding the calling

SAANVI: Or when they’re called. You have to find her. Paul’s wife Helen.

MICHAELA: Maybe. I’ve been wrong about the callings before.

SAANVI: You two share the same story. His wife didn’t show up to the hangar. Neither did Jared. Maybe you two are connected.

MICHAELA: I don’t know.

SAANVI: There’s got to be a reason why he woke up just now, even if we can’t see it. It’s like the boy with Evie’s heart. I think you’re supposed to help Paul.

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