The Passengers Gather (110.8)

Passengers who showed up when the plane exploded gather and share information. Bethany and Captain Daly are among them. We are also introduced to Adrian.

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Bethany: Contact with Believers

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Scene shifts to the ground level of the beach house where all the passengers are gathered.

BETHANY: Everywhere I go, those crazy cult people are watching me. They were waiting for me outside the court the minute I made bail!

MICHAELA: Has anyone else had contact with the Believers?

ADRIAN: Finally someone taking charge. Maybe you can help me get my life back, too. I went from entrepreneur wunderkind to out on my ass.

Michaela: Strange experiences

BEN: Hang on, Adrian. We’re all on the same side here. Now, you all showed up when the plane exploded, so we know you’ve had strange experiences since we landed.

MICHAELA: Has anyone had one in the last 10 days? A vision, maybe?

BETHANY: You know something we don’t.

MICHAELA: Today something happened to me. It was like I was transported into a snowstorm.

ADRIAN: Okay. What does that mean?

SAANVI: We don’t know. But what we are sure of is that we have to share information.

DALY: But what good will that do?

Fiona: Shared consciousness

FIONA: It might just save your lives. As some of you know, I study shared consciousness, like the callings you’ve all experienced. I don’t think it was an accident I was on that flight with you. I think I was there to be an interpreter. You’re all welcome here. A friend of mine lent me the use of this place until the spring.

Captain Daly motions Ben to meet him outside.

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