Daly’s Departure (110.9)

Daly motions Ben to meet him outside. He tells Ben that he does not trust Fiona, and that he is going to find things out on his own. Daly then departs.

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Daly’s skepticism

Scene shifts to outisde the beach house.

DALY: She studies “shared consciousness” and just happens to be on the plane?

BEN: Coincidences happen.

DALY: So do conspiracies. Think about it. What if this whole thing is her twisted science experiment?

BEN: She’s been a help to us.

Daly’s resolve to go alone

DALY: Well, sure she has. She’s trying to get you to trust her. It has to stop. Things can’t fall into the wrong hands.

BEN: Things? Captain, if you know something that can help Maybe I do, and maybe I don’t. But whatever’s going on, I’m gonna figure it out alone. You don’t have to. Let me

DALY: Look, you weren’t in that cockpit. No one’s blaming you for what happened to MA 828. You can’t help me. Coming here was a waste of time.

Daly puts on his sunglasses and walks away.

Hints of storylines to come

It was nice to see the passengers come together, including a few familiar faces from earlier episodes, since it hardly makes sense that only the Stones would be trying to find answers. Of particular note were Captain Daly and his decision to leave the group and figure out some things on his own and entrepreneur Adrian whose dissatisfaction with his disrupted life leads him to a run in with Believers who want to touch him (cf. 110.20). Although nothing comes of either of these vignettes [in this episode], their inclusion clearly hints at storylines to come and strengthens the sense that the show has a clear idea of where it’s going rather than cranking out disconnected episodic content.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (denofgeek.com)

Will Captain Bill Daly take us to another dimension?

I was delighted to see the captain of Flight 828, Bill Daly, show up in this episode. One can only imagine the torment and suspicion that guy has gone through since they all arrived back in the here and now. You can tell he’s got a little edge to him right now and, if you watched the scenes for next week’s episode, he plans to test a “discovery” firsthand. Could he be the person who takes this whole thing to another dimension — literally?

Captain Bill Daly is a character I’ve been wanting to get re-connected with from the show’s early episodes, so I’m delighted that he’s back and I think he’s going to peel back a layer or two on what caused this — and who? Unfortunately, part of me wonders if he’ll survive the trial to enjoy any discovery made. I fear for Captain Bill now that we’ve got him back.

SOURCE: John Baker (threeifbyspace.net)

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2 thoughts on “Daly’s Departure (110.9)

  1. Because jet fuel is a hydrocarbon, they didn’t die from a missile attack, because the visual would show orange-yellow with black mixed in. My guess is that they will show up again!

  2. I also fear for him, and wonder if he and Fiona made it or died trying. I wonder if the two of them will reappear in a future episode or if it was a suicide of Capt Daly. I would like to see him reappear, clear his name and lead some sort of happy life.

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