Jachaela is popular among Manifest fans

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Jan 11, 2019

Audrey Kavinsky, posted a fanvid yesterday following Manifest’s Episode 10 in which Jared and Michaela take their relationship up a notch. On a scale of 1-10, they were at an 11. Kavinsky’s fanvid  “Jared + Michaela | Whispers” (above)  already received over 1,000 views. Her previous video “Michaela & Jared | Two” posted on 11/28/2012 has 20,000 views.

Whenever the romance between two characters of a TV series becomes a fan favorite, there is no telling how viral a FanVid song edit will go. For anyone who does not know what fanvids are, they are fan-made videos consisting of clips froma a film or television series, usually set to music.1

More FanVid Song Edits

At Manifest828.com we have an entire section (30 youtube videos) devoted to Manifest FanVid Song Edits. You probably have already guessed, the majority of them focus on Jared and Michaela’s relationship.

Ben and Saanvi have three fanvids devoted to them, but this number is sure to grow.

  1. For more information about vidding go to wikipedia.com.

One thought on “Jachaela is popular among Manifest fans

  1. I’m something torn between approving and disapproving what happened with Michaela and Jared’s act of betrayal and infidelity. I completely understand their dilemma.

    They love each other, but what about Lourdes? I applaud Michaela for getting revenge. Her BFF deserved it. Marrying Michaela’s fiancé should have been “Off Limits” for Lourdes, period.

    But, for better or worse, Jared did marry Lourdes. I disapprove of his adulterous act with Michaela. It was an impulsive act that he really didn’t think through.

    As far as Ben and Saanvi are concerned, they should never be sexually intimate and become lovers. Some fans hate love triangles, but they have no problem with adultery.

    Viewers like me want Ben and Grace together. No matter what, or how long, it takes to mend their marriage.

    Regardless of what happens with the love-laden subplots and storylines, I will continue to enthusiastically watch and support the show. Cheering for the characters I like and against those I dislike.

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