Unconventional Maneuvers (111.1)

A flashback has Captain Bill Daly and the co-pilot flying the plane when they encounter a storm and severe turbulence. Daly made an abrupt move and flew through the storm when the plane disappeared off radar.

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Inside the cockpit of Flight 828.

CO-PILOT: Miss anything?

DALY: Oh, about 300 miles of glassy ocean. How’s the cargo?

CO-PILOT: Lady in 5-D wants a hypoallergenic blanket.

DALY: Uh, did anybody point out that she’s breathing recycled air full of skin cells and flatulence?

CO-PILOT: You would make a horrible flight attendant.

DALY: I’m a cowboy, Amuta. Plane’s my horse, and the sky an open desert.



While they both chuckle, their laughter is interrupted by thunder and turbulence. Passengers are screaming and alarms are beeping.

CO-PILOT: What the

DALY: Center, this is MA 828. We got a bit of unplanned turbulence up here.

CO-PILOT: Where the hell did that come from? It wasn’t on any of the charts.

Passengers are shouting.


Saanvi’s laptop falls to the floor. Passengers continue to scream. 

In the cockpit, beeping continues.

DALY: I’ve never seen anything like this. You?

CO-PILOT: Never.

Alarms are beeping, and lightning is flashing around the airplane as they try and regain control of the airplane. 

CO-PILOT: Get over it. Up! Up!

DALY: No time. I’m going through it.

CO-PILOT: You’re what?

DALY: Accelerating airspeed to 300 knots.

CO-PILOT: Are you sure about this?

DALY: Maintaining a level altitude.

Back in the passenger cabin, all the lights are out. Only the emergency lights on the floor are visible. 

DALY: Here we go.



Scene shifts to Vance’s interview room. 

DALY: I didn’t have a choice.

VANCE: The NTSB report tells another story. According to the ground telemetry, you made a series of unconventional maneuvers.

DALY: You don’t understand. There is no “conventional maneuver” when a storm appears right on top of you. And this storm was like nothing I’ve ever seen.

VANCE: Daly, people have been going over every aspect of this flight with a microscope for 5 1/2 years, looking into everything from the plane’s maintenance reports to the last place each of the passengers had dinner. And the only thing anyone can find that’s out of the ordinary is the abrupt moves you made right before you flew into that storm and your plane disappeared.

DALY: I’m the captain. Those people put their lives in my hands. I take that seriously. I did what I had to do.

Scene shifts back to the storm where the plane’s engine is roaring, alarms are beeping, and passengers are screaming before a bright light shines through the front window.  



Scene shifts back to the hanger.

CAL: Um, excuse me, mister? You’re the pilot, right? I sure am. My dad said sometimes pilots give kids wings. You have any wings I could have?

DALY: Sorry, kiddo. Uh, they just got clipped.

CAL: It’s okay. Thanks for bringing us home.



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