Plane Crash 6x Over (111.10)

Back at the simulator, with data that Roger handed over – not the phony government data, Daly runs the program which offers up an entirely different storm: The one Daly experienced that night the plane disappeared. While he was showing Ben how he flew into the storm, the simulator crashed the plane. They repeat the flight five more times with no success.

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New data

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Daly and Ben are back at the hanger in the flight simulator.

DALY: Okay, Raf. One more time.

RAF: Okay, new data entered. You are good to go.

DALY: With the actual data not the lies that the government published I’ll finally be able to prove it wasn’t my fault. Please let this be it.

This time the simulator runs a program depicting the weather outside the plan as very similar to what Flight 828 experienced. 


DALY: Finally. Hello, mama.

BEN: My God. That came out of nowhere.

DALY: What do you think I’ve been saying? I’ve been over it 100 times. I made the airspeed 300 knots. Maintaining a level altitude.

BEN: You flew threw it? You’re damn right I did.

As the lightning flashes and the thunder crashes, alarms are beeping.

DALY: Here comes the turbulence.

The entire cockpit is shaking.

DALY: We flew into the storm. And then we Pull up. Pull up. Pull up.

The program freezes. On the windows are red boxes that say “A CRASH” has occured.

COMPUTER: System shutdown.

DALY: Damn it! Hit the reset, Raf. We’re going again.

Scene shifts to the outside of the simulator later in the afternoon.

DALY: Six times! How the hell? We made it through that storm.

BEN: Yeah, but to five years in the future.

DALY: We’re missing something.

BEN: Bill, the simulator isn’t gonna transport us through time. I mean, how could it re-create what we went through? But at least this proves you weren’t at fault.

DALY: No, the only thing this proves is that we’re on the right track.

BEN: And that dark lightning may be the source of what happened to us. This is huge.

Captain Daly’s investigation

For awhile, Captain Daly’s enlightening investigation sustained our interest with his book full of flight data, doctored or not, and the flight simulation. Seeing the storm from the cockpit complete with flash of light in the initial flashback was a nice reminder of what strangeness we’re dealing with. It was a bit of a stretch to believe that adding a weatherman’s ground data to the flight simulator would help considering the phenomenon probably wouldn’t be understood by the computer; did Daly think the machine would duplicate the time jump, even if just on the screens?

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek)

Old suspicions


DALY: Ben, I lost everything because of 828. Until I can prove this was the cause, this means nothing. And this storm didn’t just throw us through time. It also triggered whatever mind-meld thing Fiona Clarke’s been going on about. And how is that possible? She studies mind-melds, and all our minds get melded. She’s the missing link.

BEN: Bill, she’s one of us. She seems to be as in the dark as we are.

DALY: No. I refuse to believe that. Someone powerful’s behind this cover-up. The T-The plane, the voices, all of it. It makes perfect sense that they’d keep a passenger who’s an expert in this stuff involved from the start.

BEN: I tell you what. You stay here. Keep trying. I’ll go talk to Fiona.

DALY: Maybe we should go together.

BEN: Look, she may be more open with me alone, seeing as how I haven’t been calling her a government plant to her face for the last week.

Ben’s involvement in Daly’s investigation

Ben came to help the captain at his request, but it’s not clear how much his presence helped other than to provide an observer and a counterargument about Fiona’s involvement.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek)

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