Autumn, the Spy (111.11)

When Ben calls Michaela to give her an update and to ask from information from a blue binder, Autumn pays special attention. Later, when Grace picks up Cal, Michaela says she is rooting for her and Ben. Meanwhile, Jansen finds Autumn outside at a food stand, and says they need to have a chat.

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The eavesdrop


Scene shifts to Michaela’s apartment where she is pouring a cup of coffee. She receives a phone call from Ben.

MICHAELA: Hey, how’s Massapequa?

Autumn who is sitting on the couch listens intently.

MICHAELA: Yeah, no, he’s fine. Uh, Grace is gonna come get him in an hour.

Ben is walking down a city neighborhood sidewalk.

BEN: Mick, Daly was right.

MICHAELA: One sec. (TO CAL) Um, hey, buddy, why don’t you teach Autumn how to play this game?

AUTUMN: I’m in.

MICHAELA: He was right about what?

BEN: Everything. Grab that blue binder. I need you to look something up.

MICHAELA: Yeah, hold on.

Autumn watches as Michaela grabs the blue binder.

CAL: So, who do you want to be?

AUTUMN: Uh, why don’t you choose for me?

CAL: Okay.

MICHAELA: I got it. What do you need?


The pick up

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Scene shifts an hour later when Grace rings the doorbell to pick Cal up. Autumn is no longer at the apartment.



MICHAELA: Hey, he is all in one piece. I promise.

GRACE: [LAUGHS] I wasn’t worried.

Cal is playing a video game on the television.

CAL: Hey! Mom, watch this.

GRACE: Whoa! Awesome! A lot of blood.

MICHAELA: Yeah, you should see him and Ben get into it. I can’t tell who the kid is.

Grace laughs.

CAL:  I let Dad win sometimes.

GRACE: Oh, that’s my boy.

GRACE (TO MICHAELA): Thank you so much for watching him. He loves spending time with you.

MICHAELA: Not at all. Ditto. How you holding up?

GRACE: Uh you know. It’s not exactly what I had pictured for myself at this point in my life.

MICHAELA: Yeah. You and me both.

GRACE: I take it things with Jared haven’t gotten any less complicated.

GRACE: No. You’ll get through it. You’re amazing, Mick. You two will find your way.

MICHAELA: So will you. Look, I know Ben is my family, but you are the best thing that has ever happened to him. I’m serious. I am rooting for you guys for both of you.

GRACE: Thank you. Rooting for us, too.

MICHAELA: He loves you.

GRACE: I know. And I love him. I just hope it’ll be enough.

What’s Next for Grace & Ben this season

Athena Karkanis: Grace and Ben are trying to work it out and trying to figure out the separation thing and how that all works and how to be good parents while that’s happening. Eventually Grace will not be so in the dark, which will then ease up on the stress between Grace and Ben a little bit, because she understands why he’s doing all these incredibly dangerous things and endangering her son’s life.

SOURCE: Taylor Neumann (TV Insider)

The turn off

Scene shifts to an outside food truck, where after Autumn makes a purchase is approached by Jansen.

JANSEN: We shouldn’t have to track you down.

AUTUMN: I just turned the phone off for a bit.

JANSEN: It’s never to be turned off. We’re overdue for a chat.

Jansen grabs Autumns arm and strong arms her along. 

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One thought on “Autumn, the Spy (111.11)

  1. What is the untold history of Michaela and Grace’s relationship? It’s obvious they both care about Ben. In this particular listed scene (The pick up), Michaela tells Grace she’s the best thing that ever happened to her brother.

    Weeks earlier, when Michaela caught Grace on the phone with Danny, she reassured Grace how deeply her brother Ben loved her. And that Grace should let Ben know about Grace’s lover before he found out from someone else.

    Grace also told Michaela the Stone family home would be Michaela’s home as long as needed despite her obvious trust issues involving Michaela and her children, Olive and Cal.

    Grace was also quick to let Michaela know that Lourdes was trying to get pregnant and have Jared’s baby. So now that Grace is possibly pregnant by someone other than Ben; and by someone Michaela has apparently never met?

    What happens next between Michaela and Grace? Will their relationship become closer? Or will it become irreparably damaged?

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