Fiona’s Garden (111.12)

Ben speaks with Fiona who tells him about her displeasure and disappointment with Daly.

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Fiona’s perspective

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Scene shifts to an outside garden area where Fiona is repotting a plant. Next to her a tree has red flower blossoms.

BEN: Dark lightning? Daly and I tracked down a meteorologist who thinks we may have flown through some, that it could have affected our plane.

FIONA: I don’t know. I’ll admit, it’s not impossible, but [SIGHS] whatever happened to us up there, it doesn’t feel accidental. Frankly, I believe we took a step in our evolution.

Daly’s perspective

BEN: Daly’s convinced himself otherwise, and frankly, he makes a strong case.

FIONA: Well, I understand Daly wanting to prove he’s not responsible. I thought it was my fault when you told me the government was experimenting on people using my research. The truth is, Daly’s no more to blame for what happened on that flight than I am.

BEN: I don’t think that’s gonna bring him much comfort, seeing as how he thinks you’re behind this whole thing.

FIONA: Captain Daly is so convinced of things, he’s grasping at any straw to try and make his case. He’s lost sight of the horizon. Don’t you do the same.

Fiona’s theories are an enigma

She talks about Daly “losing sight of the horizon,” and the captain does appear to have been emotionally affected by the blame he has felt from his family and others. But her idea that they went through some sort of evolutionary leap is no more believable than Daly’s theory that Fiona somehow controlled the phenomenon that caused the dark lightning to affect them this way. For audience members that watch sci-fi and read comic books, electricity causing time jumps or special powers is par for the course, but Fiona and Daly both seem misguided in their misinterpretations, even viewed through the lens of science fiction credibility.

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