Daly’s Apartment (111.14)

Ben and Michaela show up at Daly’s apartment (#24) where the landlord lets them in. Ben is wowed by all the charts, photos, and articles on the wall. Ben notices on his laptop that Daly is looking at the day’s forecast and navigational charts looking for dark lightning. There is a storm brewing off the coast.

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The landlord

Scene shifts to outside Captain Daly’s door.

LANDLORD: Yo, Captain, you in there? (TO BEN) What’d he do, talk someone to death?

BEN: We’re worried Captain Daly might be in some danger.

LANDLORD: What, from those religious freaks that have been following him around? Whole thing’s a complete cluster.

He opens the door.

MICHAELA: Oh. Thank you. We’ve got it from here.

BEN: Thanks.

Each of them head to a different room.

MICHAELA: Daly, you in here?

The wall


Ben having flipped on the lightswitch of a room sees an entire wall filled with images, maps and articles related to Flight 828

BEN: Wow. I didn’t know it was this bad.

Michaela also enters the room.

MICHAELA: No sign of him… Hey, earth to Ben.

BEN: Is this what Grace sees when she looks at me?

MICHAELA: Ben, you’re just thorough. You’re trying to protect your family. You’re trying to protect all of us. Daly, this is

BEN: Desperate. [SIGHS]

Ben and Grace’s relationship

Manifest visits familiar territory this week with Grace and Ben, and the emotional turmoil (cf. 109.18, 109.20, 110.23) has lost all of its little remaining edge. Although the moment when Ben sees Captain Daly’s investigation board and asks, “Is that what Grace sees when she looks at me?” was a nice bit of reflection, the relationship drama needs a lot of help staying relevant.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek)

The laptop

Ben then looks at what is on Daly’s laptop screen. It shows the a radar image forecast for 3:00 p.m.  

BEN: He’s going looking for dark lightning, for real, no simulator.

MICHAELA: What do you mean?

BEN: Look at this. Today’s weather report, navigational charts. There’s a storm off the coast. He’s so desperate to prove 828 wasn’t his fault, he’s gonna fly right into it.

MICHAELA: Can he actually do that?

BEN: I doubt it, but it could definitely get him killed.

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  1. We have seen three characters create “vision boards”.(Ben, Daley – pilot and the podcaster) I find this out of the ordinary. I know very few people who actually do this unless it’s a class assignment I have given. And most often it’s done digitally.

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