Fiona Daly’d (111.15)

Daly meets up with Fiona. They both agree they need to set things straight. Daly then puts some liquid on a piece of cloth and asphyxiates Fiona causing her to become unconscious so he can take her to the airport.

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Scene shifts to the foyer of Fiona’s house where the doorbell rings. When she opens the door we see that it is painted in a bright red color.

FIONA: Captain. I’m glad you came. I just put the kettle on. We need to set some things straight.

DALY: I was thinking the same thing.

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As Fiona turns and walks toward the kitchen, Daly reaches into his pocket and pours some liquid on a piece of cloth and places it over Fiona’s mouth.


Daly gets out of his car at the airport. He opens the back door where Fiona is unconscious.

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One thought on “Fiona Daly’d (111.15)

  1. Capt Bill Daley’s mind snapped, and his desperation literally flew him and the plane he borrowed into the wilds of the blue yonder.

    He assaulted, drugged, and kidnapped Fiona Clarke. He stole an airplane and took over from an airport without authorization or permission.

    Good for Bill. He brought a lot of action and excitement to this week’s episode. Bill and Fiona … together forever.

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