We Got a Problem (111.17)

The guard at he airport will not let Michaela and Ben pass the gate, even though they tell him that Daly is about to steal an airplane.

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First attempt to gain access

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Scene shifts to the guard gate at the airport.

BEN: Please, this is urgent. I was just here with Captain Daly. Remember Bermuda Triangle, the whole thing? You were here.

HARRIS: Sorry. You need new authorization for each visit.

Michaela flashes her badge.


HARRIS: A little out of your jurisdiction, aren’t you?

Being out of jurisdiction has not stopped her before

I had to laugh when I heard Harris says this. She was out of her jurisdiction when she entered the murder scene at Kelly’s house (103.6), when she went to the barn with the red door (106.14), and when she had sex with Jared even though he is married to Lourdes (110.24).

SOURCE: Don Kincaid (Manifest828.com)

Second attempt to gain access

MICHAELA: Harris, is it? We have reason to believe William Daly’s about to steal an airplane.

Harris laughs. 

HARRIS: What, the cargo loaders put you up to this?

MICHAELA: We’re dead serious.

HARRIS: Come on! He’s in the simulator, like he’s been every day for the past three weeks. It’s a little sad, if you ask me.

BEN: Aren’t the simulators over there?

Ben points to the right.

BEN: Then what’s he doing over there?

When Ben points to the left showing that Daly parked his car next to a different building,  Harris scrambles to the phone.

HARRIS: Joe. It’s Harris. We got a problem.

Daly then begins to open the door to an airplane hanger.

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