Autumn’s Search (111.18)

Autumn breaks into Michaela’s apartment and finds the blue binder where she takes photos of its pages. She also finds Cal’s notebok of drawings and rips out the the drawing he made earlier.

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The blue binder


Scene shifts to Michaela’s apartment where Autumn is seen entering. Michaela and Ben are not there. After searching through several drawers, she finds the blue binder that she saw Michaela looking through earlier, and takes photographs of some of its pages.

Cal’s notebook

Before leaving, she notices Cal drawing notebook, and rips one of the pages out.


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One thought on “Autumn’s Search (111.18)

  1. Autumn is going to surprise us all and end up solving the whole mystery about what took place on the plane…she’s playing her part as the bad guy but she will be the one who comes out on top! I have faith in her 🤞🏽
    She has her feet in both of the playing fields… the bad side and the good side. She knows who the major is and she also knows that Ben and Mick and the other passengers are trying to find out what happened to them! Pay attention to her role in each episode!

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