Daly’s Desperation (111.19)

Ben tries to talk Daly down as he gears up the plane before taking off. In the seat next to him is Fiona who Daly calls his missing link. Waking up, Fiona asks him what he is doing, and cries out help. Michaela yells, “Stop!” in the radio. But Daly ignores her plea and takes off.

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Runway Incursion

Scene shifts to the airport where Daly has moved the airplane onto one of the runways.

MAN ON RADIO: All aircraft, this is ground control. We have a runaway incursion. Ordering a full ground stop.

Harris, Michaela and Ben have just arrived on a nearby runway observing Daly’s plane.

MICHAELA: Hey, why are you stopping? We need to get him!

HARRIS: I need to explain to you what a full ground stop means?

Ben points to Harris’ radio.

BEN: Can I talk to him on that?

HARRIS: The emergency frequency should get you through to the cockpit radio.

BEN: Daly, it’s Ben. Please don’t do this.

DALY: Sorry, Ben. I have no choice.

Inside the cockpit, Daly lines up the airplane and gets ready for takeoff.

MAN ON RADIO: Unidentified aircraft, please identify yourself.

DALY: This is Captain William Daly requesting takeoff clearance on runway two-niner left.

MAN ON RADIO: That request is denied. Power down your engines immediately.

BEN: Bill, I know it’s not your fault. I can help you prove it. But if you steal that plane, none of this is gonna matter.

DALY: You don’t get it, Ben. I need to see this all the way through. You can’t help me anymore. (LOOKING AT FIONA)  But she can. She’s my missing link.

Fiona begins to wake up and coughs.

FIONA: My God. What have you done?

She realizes that Daly is communicating with someone on the radio.

FIONA: Help!

BEN: He’s got Fiona.

MICHAELA: I’ll call it in.

FIONA: This is madness. I had nothing to do with 828. We weren’t brought back to be turning on each other. Let me go!

MAN ON RADIO: Unauthorized aircraft, this is your last warning. Power down your engines, or we will notify the Air National Guard.

MICHAELA: Bill, stop! Please, stop!

DALY: I’m sorry. This is the only way to prove I did nothing wrong.

FIONA: No. Let me out!

BEN: No, no, no, no, no!


BEN: No! Daly, don’t do this!

Unauthorized take off


With the engines roaring, the plane takes off. The scene then shifts inside the cockpit while the plane is in the sky.

FIONA: What are you doing? Where are you taking me?

Ben who is on the gound continues radio contact with Daly.

BEN: I know the truth. I can help you prove it, but not if you do this. If you keep going, the whole world is gonna think you were behind Flight 828.

DALY: No. This will make me a hero. The guy who uncovered what really happened.

BEN: Damn it!

HARRIS: What does he think he’s gonna do?

MICHAELA: He thinks he can fly through time.

HARRIS: Wait. Can he?

CAPTAIN DALY: This is the only way, Ben. It’s the only way to give my life some meaning. Proving this is all I have left. I can do it again. Fiona can show me how.

FIONA: Captain, I don’t know what happened on that plane any more than you do.

BEN: Bill, Fiona can’t help you. She’s innocent in all this. Of course she’s part of it. Who do you think told the Major about the meteorologist?

FIONA: What? I did no such thing.

MICHAELA (TO BEN): Did you tell her?

Ben nods his head as two Air National Jets fly overhead.

BEN: Daly, if you don’t turn around, those planes will shoot you down.

DALY: Not if I’m in the future.

MAN ON RADIO: Captain Daly, this is the Air National Guard. Your flight plan is unauthorized. What say we turn that bird around and get your feet on the ground?

DALY: Negative. A.N.G., be advised. I am not a threat. I have no intention of harm.

BEN: Bill, please. If you turn that plane toward the city, it’s over.

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