What Cal Knows (111.2)

After spending the day with Cal, Ben brings him home after having TV Dinners. Everything is very cordial between Grace and Ben. Grace says she does not mine him coming in the house. Cal surprises his dad about what he knows about the Major, and how he will be busy the next day with “the man from the airplane.”

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Scene shifts to the Stone house where Cal and Ben enter the front door.

CAL: Best day ever, dad.

BEN: For me, too.

CAL: But next time, can we go out to watch a movie? The screen at your place is a little small.

The Major

Ben gets on his knees and speaks at eye level to his son.

BEN: Look, buddy, right now, we kinda need to keep a low profile because some people are interested in us because we were on 828, and they may not be very nice.

CAL: You mean the Major.

Ben stands back up.

BEN: How did you know about that?

CAL: I heard you and Auntie Mick talking about her. It’s fine, Dad. I know I’m supposed to stay safe.

TV Dinners

Grace enters the living room from the kitchen. She gives Cal a hug. 

GRACE: There’s my Calamander. I missed you.

BEN: Sorry I came in the house. I wanted to make sure

GRACE: Ben, it’s it’s fine. It’s your house, too. You can come inside.

CAL: Mom, Dad got us TV dinners. It was awesome.

GRACE: Was it, now?

BEN: Salisbury steak always a favorite.

GRACE: I bet. Do you think you can do it again tomorrow? I’ve got this thing that’s come up at work.

BEN: Yeah, sure. Maybe we could try the turkey dinner.

The man from the plane

CAL: But Dad can’t tomorrow. He’s gonna be busy.

BEN: I am?

CAL: The man from the plane? He needs your help.

BEN: Man from the plane?

Ben looks at Grace shaking his head.

BEN (TO CAL): Look, I’m sure we can work something out. (TO GRACE) Worst case scenario, it’s Michaela’s day off.

CAL: Awesome. Auntie Mick.

BEN: There we go.

Ben chuckles and gives his son a kiss on the head.

BEN: Love you, kiddo.

Ben then goes off running.

CAL: Olive! Guess what. I got to have Hungry Man.

Ben and Grace look at each other not saying a word, before Ben leaves.

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One thought on “What Cal Knows (111.2)

  1. This viewer has noticed that when Grace is using her cell, it is usually not a postive event:

    101.23 Danny: told Ben yet?

    Somewhere in 101: Grace talking to Danny, looking out window. Micaela observes and admonishes Grace to” tell Ben about Danny, that Ben has been through enough”.

    102.4 Doesn’t answer cell in hospital.

    104.14 Olive calling!

    104.26: Danny: how is Olive doing? Being Olive.

    105.21 Danny: you are too at work! I called!

    108.19 Ben calls says he will be late for date night.

    109.10 Ben doesn’t answer during BBQ prep.

    109.12 Ben doesn’t answer during early part of BBQ.

    111.2 Altho no cell, we can assume Grace got a call/message and asks Ben to care for Cal; because “I got this thing that has come up at work”. Hmmmm. Where have we heard this before?

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