Pilot’s Wings (111.21)

When Ben and Michaela arrive back at their apartment, they find a package from Daly. Inside are a set of Captain Wings, and a note that says, “For your son, better late than never.” On the television, the news say that the authorities are unable to find any remains.

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Daly’s package

Scene shifts to outside the door of Michaela’s apartment where there a package had been delivered. It is addressed to Captain Stone and is from B. Daly of 55 West Ivy Road, Red hook, NY 11231. When Ben opens it, there is a short note inside: “For your son better late than never.” Wrapped in protective bubbles is a set of gold pilot wings.

Television news report

Once inside the apartment, as a television news station is reporting what happened in the background, Ben leaves a voice mail on Graces phone:

REPORTER: The search continues for Captain William Daly and Professor Fiona Clarke. Hours after their plane was reportedly shot from the sky, the plane’s remains, as well as…

BEN: Hey, it’s me. I have some stuff I need to drop off for Cal. I was hoping I could come by and say good night.

REPORTER: …large numbers, electric with the hope that yet another miracle may have saved the 828 returnees. One person I spoke with was adamant that Daly was able to transport into time, just like he did with Flight 828. Another felt the disappearance was a part of a conspiracy against the passengers. Overall, the theories are as numerous as the mourners, but there is one truth that seems to be making itself clear the 828 passengers have a growing fan base…

Ben’s chart

Ben places photos of Daly and Fiona into the “Deceased” section of his chart. Daly’s photo partially covers the photo of Susan Creighton and Rick Moore.

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