Cal Goes Missing (111.22)

Ben and Michaela realize that Autumn must have overheard Michaela tell Ben where the meteorologist was, and that Autumn is a mole working for the major. They fear for Cal’s safety. Meanwhile, Grace discovers that Cal is missing.

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Going off the rails

Scene continues in Michaela’s apartment.

BEN: [SCOFFS] 20 feet. Daly was sitting just 20 feet from us, and the whole world blamed him for what happened. Lost his family, his son, – [TV CLICKS OFF] – and I couldn’t help him.

MICHAELA: Ben, look at me. This is not your fault. Daly went off the rails. He couldn’t let go of things, even things that were out of his control. Look, I know that there is a lot going on around us right now, but I am worried that you are doing the same thing.

Uncovering the mole

BEN: He was right about so many things: the the buried weather reports, the meteorologist. I mean, maybe Fiona really was working for the Major.

MICHAELA: Fiona helped save those passengers. She She took care of them.
How can you honestly question whose side she was on?

BEN: Then how did they find the meteorologist? Someone had to tell them.

Michaela notices the two cups on the coffee table from earlier that afternoon when Autumn stopped by for a visit. She remembers the conversation she had on the phone with Ben, “Hey, how’s Massapequa? “

MICHAELA: Maybe I did.

BEN: What?

MICHAELA: Autumn was here when you called. I-I asked you about Massapequa in front of her. What if Autumn is the mole? T-The Major, she’s looking for the Holy Grail the passenger most affected by the calling.

BEN: Cal.

MICHAELA: What if she told them about his drawings, about how he helps us?

BEN: She was with him all day.

So what really happened to Daly’s plane?

Autumn certainly was in the right place at the right time to get some key information to deliver to her government friends, and although there was little surprise about her duplicity, the consequences of her actions were shocking enough on their own. Given that we know Autumn wanted to rid herself of her obligation to the Major (110.10), the fact that she caused the death of the weatherman (111.13) and the possible kidnapping of Cal (111.22) was definitely more than we thought she was capable of.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek)

Ben quickly gathers his things, grabs his jacket and heads out the door.

Losing Cal


The scene shifts to the Stone house where Grace is walking up the stairs and shouts out to Cal

GRACE: Hey, Cal! Your dad’s coming over to say good night.

Her cellphone is vibrating on next to a lamp as she goes up the stairs. It is Ben trying to reach her. She knocks on Cal’s door. 

GRACE: Kiddo, did you hear me?

When she opens he is not there. She looks down the hall at the bathroom, and he is not there, either. 


As she enters the room she notices Cal’s window is open. 


She runs out of the room.

GRACE: Cal! Cal!

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One thought on “Cal Goes Missing (111.22)

  1. Time’s up for Grace. She must now get with the program and trust Ben, and get down on her hands and knees, and beg him to return home. Or turn herself in to the first available insane asylum.

    But no problem. She will come through with flying colors. Especially, after Ben brings her up to speed on Cal’s drawings. The most important item on the Stone family’s at the moment is to find Cal.

    And hopefully when he is found, he’s be in good health and of sound mind. Why do I get an ominous feeling there will be serious complications severe consequences when and after Cal is found?

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