The Morning After (111.3)

Michael continues to have the calling “Find Her!” Things are not going well between her and Jared. Michaela is avoiding him. She thinks last night was a mistake, “I can’t be the other woman.”

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Michaela’s avoidance


Scene shifts to the police precinct where Michaela experiences again the same calling she had a day earlier.

VOICE OF CALLING: Find her. Find her.

Jared sits down next to her desk

JARED: Riojas tells me you traded shifts.

MICHAELA: Yeah, I did.

JARED: Mick, why are you avoiding me?

Jared tries to caress her forearm and hold her hand, but she pulls back.

MICHAELA: Come on.

They then go to the locker area, which is more private, to talk. 

Michaela’s confession

JARED:  Mick. This is a good thing. You know we’re meant to be together.

MICHAELA: Jared, last night was a mistake. It was cheating.

Michaela’s acumen

JARED: This is our chance to make it right. All right, look. Tell me what I’m supposed to do here.

MICHAELA: I don’t know. I-I’m I can’t do this. I can’t be the other woman.

JARED: You want me to tell Lourdes?


JARED: Mick, I want to be with you. Look, I know it’s messy, okay, but we’ll get through it together.

MICHAELA: Lourdes, she’s-she’s your wife and my best friend. Don’t you love her?

JARED: Of course I do.

MICHAELA: So do I. I’m not doing this to her. It doesn’t matter what happened to us five years ago. It matters what we do now. [SIGHS] I’m sorry.

Michaela walks away.


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