Searching for answers (111.4)

Ben continues to search for answers  trying to find out what Cal meant about him spending time with a man from the airplane tomorrow. using his charts. Ben then receives a call from Captain Bill Daly who wants to meet him tomorrow.

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Scene shifts to Michaela’s apartment where Michaela is returning home.


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MICHAELA: Really? Again? You can’t just take one night off?

BEN: What, now that we think Cal’s the Major’s Holy Grail? No, I can’t.  Plus, he gave me homework.


BEN: He told Grace I couldn’t watch him tomorrow because I was gonna be too busy helping a man from the plane. I’m trying to figure out what that means. So you may be hanging with Cal tomorrow, if that’s cool.


MICHAELA: Yeah, sounds fun. Plus, it’ll keep me out of trouble.

BEN: Why? What’s going on?

MICHAELA: Just trying to dig myself out of a gigantic hole filled with quicksand.

BEN: Colorful. [PAUSE] Jared?


BEN: Want to talk about it?

MICHAELA: No, not really. Think I just need to take a break from it. So, uh, how are you planning on figuring out what man from the plane you’re supposed to help?

BEN: No idea.


He puts his glasses on and looks at his chart.

BEN: We just have to trust that any calling Cal has is pointing me to things I should know,  that I need to know.

MICHAELA: To what end, Ben? I mean, you really think this is gonna help us figure out 828, why we’re back?

BEN: Right now, this is about keeping Cal safe, day by day.

MICHAELA: You’re doing that.

BEN: Am I? Cal’s biggest threat is the Major, and I have zero clue who she is.

MICHAELA: Don’t do that. Don’t start spiraling. You are doing the best anyone could be expected to do.

BEN: My best might not be enough.

Phone call

Ben’s cell phone rings.

BEN: Captain Daly.

MICHAELA: Talk about a man from the plane.

BEN: [SCOFFS] – Hey.

DALY: Ben, can we meet?

BEN: Sure, what’s up?

DALY: [SIGHS] It It wasn’t my fault. Everybody blames me for 828, but it wasn’t me, and I think I can prove it, but I need your help. I’ll come and get you tomorrow.

BEN: Sure.

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