Captain Future (111.5)

Daly drives Ben to a Long Island airport where he shows him a flight simulator which suppose to depict the exact weather conditions of Flight 828. But that storm was nothing like Daly experienced. He thinks its a government cover up. His evidence: A “cover-up” flight simulator report dated the day the plane disappeared.

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The daily blame

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Scene shifts to Daly driving with Ben in the passenger seat.

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DALY: You know the worst thing about being the captain of a plane that disappears for 5 1/2 years is?

BEN: I would say the lost time, like the rest of us.

DALY: No. It’s that everyone blames you for what happened.

BEN: How can they? No one even knows what went on that night.

DALY: Oh, it doesn’t matter. The people that think we flew to an island and were cryogenically frozen, they think I’m the one who flew us there.

BEN: Bill, you can’t take that stuff seriously.

Daly’s hell

DALY: I mean, hell, even the people who all think it’s just an alien invasion think I’m the alien.

BEN: Look, this has been hell for all of us— my wife, my kids— so I can only imagine how difficult it’s been for you, being the focus of everything.

DALY: I have a son, electrical engineer, and I had a wife. They didn’t talk to me much before we went away. I was no saint. But now they don’t even want to see me. And I don’t blame ’em after what the news media did to me. For 5 1/2 years, I was the guy who took a plane full of people and killed them. And now I’m the guy who made them all disappear.

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🎵 No Not gonna let them catch 🎵

Harris’ greeting

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A plane descends from above them, and lands on the runway, just before they turn left at a guard gate.

HARRIS: Hey! Captain Future. You gonna fly through the Bermuda Triangle again?

DALY: Gonna try.

Daly shows him his ID.

HARRIS: Be careful in there. Don’t go getting disappeared on us.

The flight simulator


After daly opens the door to a hangar which houses a flight simulator, he gives Ben a blue binder. 

BEN: What’s this?

DALY: Every official document for Flight 828 on record. Everything from NTSB, Transportation and Safety Reports, to White House briefings.

BEN: This is amazing.

DALY: No, it’s all a lie. Same as always.

Daly hands a cartridge to a man who sets up the program before he and Ben walk up a flight of steps into the simulator.

DALY: Thanks, Raf.

Daly and Ben then take their seats in the cockpit where we hear a series of beeps.

DALY: Okay, Raf. Load ‘er up.

The windows of the simulator transition from a day scene at a runway to a night scene with a thick layer of clouds moving past them giving the appearance that they are flying.

DALY: Look familiar?

BEN: Depends. What am I looking at?

DALY: Well, according to the NTSB, the exact flight conditions from the night we disappeared.

BEN: Hmm.

DALY: There’s only one problem.

There is a mild flash of lightning and gentle thunder.

BEN: That storm?

DALY: Storm? [SCOFFS] No, Ben. I fly through stuff like this all the time. This barely qualifies as weather.

BEN: So it’s not how you remember it?

DALY: Ben, you were on that flight. You know what kind of turbulence we hit. And I’ve been flying simulations on this data every day since we came back, and I can’t find anything like the storm we flew into on 828.

BEN: It certainly felt big.

DALY: It was enormous. And it came out of nowhere.


On the actual flight the weather was more serious. Darker and more ominous clouds, lightening and thunder. 


DALY: This is not that storm. This is a government cover-up.

BEN: Bill, I don’t understand. Why would the government cover up a storm? ‘Cause we came back?

DALY: No, no, you’re missing the point. Hit that thing.

Ben flips the switch to get some light so he can more easily read the meta data file of the flight simulator he is holding in his hands. 

DALY: Check the date on that report. No, the simulator data it’s from 2013. The government didn’t start hiding things on the day we came back. It started on the day we disappeared.


Behind the scenes at Republic Airport

Learn more about how scenes of the airport were changed while filming this scene and other scenes at Long Island’s Republic Airport: Manifest Se 1 Ep 11 “Behind the Scenes” on Long Island’s Republic Airport

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