Roger Mencin (111.6)

Ben is back in his apartment, looking at the reports and other charts Daly gave him. He shows Michaela the minutes from the Congressional investigation concerning Roger Mencin a researcher who was on the ground who swore under oath not to tell what he saw that night. Daly and Ben visit him.

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Co-Pilot’s testimony

Scene shifts to Michaela’s apartment.  Ben is on the phone.

BEN: Yeah, I know. Okay. Thanks, Amuta.

He clicks his phone and continues to look at weather pattern charts at the time of Flight 828 disappearance. 

BEN: Yep. Co-pilot completely backs Daly’s story.

MICHAELA: Where is the co-pilot in all this?

BEN: Back in Jamaica.

MICHAELA: No, thank you.

BEN: He says Daly’s the only reason any of us survived that flight.

Michaela’s skepticism

MICHAELA: I don’t know, Ben. How sure are we this isn’t just two men trying to clear their name?

BEN: Of course Daly’s trying to clear his name. He’s the face of what happened to us, and he’ll never be able to escape it. Mick, Cal’s the one who told me I was supposed to help him. Daly was flying the plane. If anyone knows what the weather was like that night, it’s him.

MICHAELA: But why would they publish an inaccurate weather report? How do we know Daly isn’t exaggerating or misremembering?

BEN: I don’t know. But I remember what I felt up there, and I know you do, too. Mostly I can’t get past this.

Hearing about the meteorologist

Ben hands her a page out of Bill Daly’s blue binder.

MICHAELA: You read all of this, didn’t you?

BEN: It’s the minutes from the Congressional investigation. On January 4, 2014, a meteorologist was scheduled to testify to the panel about the plane’s disappearance. He never showed and then abruptly retired to Massapequa.

MICHAELA: That’s interesting.

BEN: It’s more than interesting. This guy was studying coastal erosion in the exact area the plane disappeared. Whatever happened that night, he was in perfect position to see it.

MICHAELA: He’s still there in Massapequa?

BEN: Yeah. Daly’s coming to pick me up now.

Meeting the meteorologist

Scene shifts to a pier on Massaqpequa bay where Ben and Daly approach a fisherman.

BEN: Roger Mencin?

ROGER MENCIN: No Bibles, no votes, don’t rent out the dock. You can move on.

BEN: No, we’re not here about any of that. We have a few questions about 828.

ROGER MENCIN: You’re the captain. W

DALY: William Daly.

They shake hands.

BEN: Dr. Mencin, we’re trying to figure out what happened to that plane. We believe you can help.

ROGER MENCIN: What makes you think I know anything about that flight?

DALY: Because there was a storm that night, and you had the most sophisticated instrumentation in the area. You know the truth.

ROGER MENCIN: : Did the NTSB get it wrong?

BEN: What were you gonna tell Congress?

DALY: Please. We flew through something giant. It was different.

ROGER MENCIN:  I can’t talk about this. They made me swear under oath.

DALY: Who is “they”?

BEN: Please. He’s just trying to clear his name. The whole world thinks he’s responsible for what happened. You know he’s not.

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