Knock, Knock (111.7)

Michaela is baby sitting Cal when Autumn shows up asking for help.

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Cal’s homework

Scene shifts to Michaela’s apartment.

MICHAELA: Okay. We’re gonna do some homework like your mom said, and then we can get back to some more awesomeness.

CAL: Did you like doing homework when you were in school, Auntie Mick?

MICHAELA: No, of course not. There’s only one Stone sibling that was a big enough nerd to like homework.

CAL: Can I play some Xbox first to warm up my brain?

MICHAELA: Does that normally work on your dad? – No. Gimme some credit, buddy.

Autumn’s visit

Autumn knocks on the door.

AUTUMN: Sorry. I-I know it’s weird to just show up like this. I need your help.

MICHAELA: What’s up, Autumn?

AUTUMN: It’s kind of hard to explain. Can we go for coffee or something?

MICHAELA: Um, I can’t leave the little guy, but I can put a pot on in here. (TO CAL) Hey, Cal, you’re good if my friend Autumn comes and hangs with us for a little bit?

CAL: You play video games?


MICHAELA (TO CAL): After your homework.  (TO AUTUMN) Oh, my goodness. Listen to me. Come on in.

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