Dark Lightning (111.8)

Roger Mencin tells Daly and Ben about dark lightning which was recorded by his instruments. The government made him destroy every copy and delete every file. Daly and Ben plea with him to hand over whatever he has to help them.

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Scene shifts to Roger Mencin’s house.

ROGER MENCIN: You ever hear of dark lightning? It’s a high-energy atmospheric discharge, and it releases lots of ionizing radiation. For years, no one even knew it existed because you have to be very close to detect it.

DALY: But you saw it?

ROGER MENCIN: I discovered it on my instruments. But the DOD, they don’t like what they don’t understand, and the idea of some magic lightning taking down an airplane, well.  Then when they found out that I was gonna testify, they suggested that I take early retirement.

BEN: Suggested or threatened?

ROGER MENCIN: I figured everyone on the plane was dead. My testifying wasn’t gonna bring them back.

BEN: But we are back. And we need your help.

ROGER MENCIN: Look, there’s nothing I can do. They made me, you know, destroy every copy, delete every file.

BEN: But you didn’t, did you? No, you find information that ends your career, you hold on to it. Roger, lives were changed forever because of that flight, and we had no say in the matter. We deserve to know what really happened.

DALY: They’ve taken my reputation, my career, and my family. All I want is the truth.

ROGER MENCIN: [SIGHS] You know, when that plane came back, I knew it was just a matter of time before someone came looking. Guess I should have moved.

Roger gets up and goes over to his desk and get on his computer.

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