Editorial: An Addicted Manifest Fan’s Constructive Criticism

by Charles Moore | Manifest828.com
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Jan 14, 2019

Nothing and no one are above criticism. If these two things were not true, we would live in a dictatorship-ruled world where everyone’s thinking would be forcefully controlled. But that’s not the case. Independent thinking should be worshipped, not banned. Which brings me to the topic of my favorite network television series, Manifest.

I absolutely love the show. I love the plot, the mystery, the characters, the storylines, and the drama. But there’s also a but. And that but exists because there’s always room for constructive criticism. My constructive criticism follows. While some of you may disagree, that’s fine. You also have the freedom to criticize my opinions. It’s all about supporting the show.

Will there be a second season?

NBC has yet to announce a second season for the show. No one likes uncertainty. Especially when it comes to television series. There are virtually thousands on television-type series being broadcast at any given time. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Starz, Showtime, etc., are only a drop in the bucket when it comes to broadcasting weekly series.

Either NBC supports Manifest or it does not. From my point of view, the network’s support runs from lukewarm to ice cold. NBC should immediately renew the show for a second season. Actually, the show should have been renewed immediately before its hiatus.

Loyal fans and naysayers view uncertainty differently. One group sees uncertainty through the mirror of unknown possibilities. The other through the clouds of pessimism and finality. All remain uncertain, regardless of how they choose to see things.

NBC should spend more advertising dollars in other venues publicizing the show. Running advertisements during the broadcast NFL of network football games would help. Since this year’s not possible, next year should be a given.

Run advertisements on other broadcast networks. This happens all the time. Other networks do it for their television shows. So, why not NBC for Manifest?

The Grace, Danny, Olive group dynamic

Do not misunderstand. Everyone loves a mysterious, open-ended, TV show. But interrelated though-provoking storylines involving different subplots, works when viewers are able to follow along. If viewers don’t know what’s happening, what’s the point?

Let’s start with the Grace, Danny, Olive group dynamic. I understand why many are turned off by what’s happening here. There is absolutely no clarity in what’s happening with this threesome.

  • Who and what Danny are hasn’t been answered.
  • Why Olive favors Danny over her father has caused some to speculate and suspect that lewd behavior’s afoot.
  • Grace’s abnormal and erratic behavior toward Ben and Cal has caused a large segment of fans to despise her.

When combined, the sum total of this storyline has been counterproductive. It’s prominence has turned viewers off and has done nothing to advance solving the mystery or portray authenticity. Thus, my opinion of this threesome is that

  • Danny is dead weight.
  • Olive’s character has spiraled out of control.
  • Grace should immediately be placed in a mental institution.

Is this too harsh of a critique? Not really. Other viewers also feel the same way.

Other disjointed and tangled storylines

The same holds true when it comes to connecting other storylines.

  • Thomas was last seen exiting the screen, whereabouts unknown.
  • What happened to Leo has been forgotten.
  • The same is true of Kelly Taylor’s body.
  • The shadow in Cal’s family drawing continues to be an unsolved mystery.
  • Robert Vance wasn’t definitively shown to be dead. Nor were Bill Daly and Fiona Clarke. For me, these deaths, or presumed deaths, did nothing to connect or advance the mystery behind who is responsible for wanting them dead.
  • The Callings continue without limitations or boundaries. Details of Saanvi’s near-death and unusual brain activity discoveries have virtually disappeared.
  • There have been no public repercussions suffered by those responsible for orchestrating the conspiracy.
  • Fake news is broadcast by major news outlets unchecked. The news media refuses to do any fact-finding, and has no problem broadcasting outright lies. The public appears oblivious to what’s happening.

Thus far, the basic premise of the mystery has been overshadowed by unrelated soap opera-like drama and disjointed storytelling. I’m not complaining, but simply making an observation. The mysteries and puzzles are enjoyable. But it becomes frustrating for fans when puzzle pieces are removed from the mysteries’ storylines and never returned.

Peeling the onion one layer at a time would help

No one wants to immediately know the answer to the technical aspects involving how the plane disappeared, or where Flight 828’s passengers went during their 5 and a half years disappearance. But there shouldn’t be any problem revealing who has Kelly Taylor’s body, or providing details about Danny, or identifying the shadow man in Cal’s drawing, or knowing why Olive’s still in therapy. It would also be helpful if showrunners explained the connection between the Callings and Holy Grail. New concepts keep getting introduced, but old concepts continue to be put on hold without providing the viewing audience plausible explanations.

Two mysteries are involved: The disappearance and return of Flight 828, and the appearance of  an activated “human collective consciousness” that’s being controlled by an unknown entity. They may be a result of the same occurrence, or they may be mutually exclusive. But it would help keep addicted viewers like me from becoming even more frustrated if those answers were forthcoming sooner rather than later. Is wanting the onion peeled one layer at a time reasonable, or not?

I’m a loyal, dedicated Manifest fan. I watch every episode. Oftentimes more than once. As an addicted fan, I’m critical when it comes to my favorite network show. And as a die-hard supporter, I’m far more positive than negative. Trust me.

Disclaimer : The views expressed in this article belong to the writer and are not necessarily shared by Manifest828.com.

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5 thoughts on “Editorial: An Addicted Manifest Fan’s Constructive Criticism

  1. Why hasn’t Manifest been renewed? Other network television series with lower Nielsen ratings have already been renewed.

    So, what’s the hold-up with Manifest? Is there a conflict between the production studio (WB) and the broadcast network (NBC)? Are there in-house creative differences between production executives (WB Television and Compari Entertainment)?

    Whatever the problem, figure it out … quickly. Stop holding fans of the show hostage. It’s time to renew the show. Or to let fans know exactly what’s happening. Not to do so would not be wise.

  2. Go ahead and renew … we need Season 2 … go ahead and renew … we need Season 2 … go ahead and renew … we need Season 2!!!

  3. I really wish they would start trying up loose ends. I’m getting irritated. What Happened to the girls body that died in the beginning? Where’s the guy they hid in the bunker? What was the reason for mic waking the abusive husband guy? What’s going on with the kids with Eve’s heart? They never finish a story line. I hate that mic is pushing Jared away. Next week will be something new. We won’t know about the plane or Cal…. Grrrrrrr

  4. If NBC isn’t willing to commit to the future of the show by immediately renewing it, why should viewers continue to make a long-term commitment and watch it?

    Viewers invest a lot of time and effort following the numerous storylines. The subplots contained within these storylines are complex and complicated. It takes a lot of time for many of the storylines to develop.

    How can viewers be assured the time they invest in the show will provide dividends in the future? The only way to guarantee viewers will not be left bankrupt is to renew the show.

    For viewers and supporters, the uncertainty of the show being renewed is like gambling …

    “Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing for something”
    — Wilson Mizner, American playwright

    As the saying goes, when it comes to those who watch, or would potentially watch, Manifest … “Time is money.”

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