Manifest Red Marker Quiz #2: Identify the door, ball, shoe, jacket, lipstick

DIRECTIONS: Cards show  close-ups of  scenes which have a “red marker”.  Check your answers  by clicking anywhere on the card. (For more information about the significance of the color red in Manifest, see the articles at the bottom of page).

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1. Whose front door is this?

Manifest Episode 111.15 Click to Flip
Fiona opens the door for Captain Daly
FIONA: We need to set some things straight.
DALY: I was thinking the same thing.

2. Whose ball is this?

Manifest Episode 101.11 Click to Flip
A small boy who runs in front of a bus.
MICHAELA: Slow down! Now!
BUS DRIVER: How’d you see him coming?! Lady! How the hell?!

3. Who's next to the boy in the red shoe?

Manifest Episode 101.21 Click to Flip
Cal being treated at the Medical Center
BEN: So if anyone saved Cal I’m pretty sure it was you.
BEN: This is bigger than us.

4. Whose jacket is this?

Manifest Episode 101.6 Click to Flip
Michaela sits next to her jacket on the bed.
MICHAELA: I am still the same screw-up that you said goodbye to in Jamaica.
GRACE: The universe just gave all of us a do-over. Everything that happened before goes out the window.

5. Who was caught shoplifting lipstick?

Manifest Episode 104.18 Click to Flip
Olive at Bluemercury cosmetic store
AVERY: Oh, my God, I just died everywhere. Do you see you?
OLIVE: Yeah.
AVERY: For real, you have to have this.


Heads Up: The red spot in Cal’s drawing is more than a blood stain

A list of Red-Markers for each episode

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