Manifest Se 1 Ep 11 “Behind the Scenes” at Long Island’s Republic Airport

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Jan 19, 2019

The writers of Manifest get recognition for the work they do, but other crew members often don’t get the recognition they deserve (because much of what they do is behind the scenes).

Intro to the Location

Google Satellite Map

The airport scenes from episode 11 “Contrails” (which aired on January 14, 2019) were shot at Republic Airport, in Farmingdale on Long Island.1 Most NHL teams fly charter flights into Republic Airport when they play the New York Islanders. Several television series and movies have also shot scenes there in the past ten years (e.g. Madame Secretary, Unforgettable, and Pan Am.)

From watching Daly drive down the road, one would think that the airport was in a rural area, but it’s right next to a business district and a Walmart. If you haven’t already you may want to click on the chevron banner above to view a satellite map of the area.

TWEET by Josh Dallas

The Plane Landing

Google Street View

The ride in the car to the airport with Captain Daly was fun to watch. Equally pleasurable to see was the airplane descending overhead about to land just as the car passes (see photo above). However, according to Jeff Rake, that plane was added after the shot using visual effects. Click on chevron banner below the photo to view a Google Street View of the actual location of the screenshot. 2

The scene is shot on “New Highway” which runs along the northeast side of the airport. On the satellite map above, you can find it on the right side of one of the runways. If you “drive” down that road using Google Street View, you will discover that although the road is real, the turnoff to the entrance of the airport is not as close to the end of the runway as we are led to believe.

The Security Gate

Google Street View

The security post where Captain Daly turns to enter the airport, and where Officer Harris greets him as Captain Future, is not real either (cf. feature image at top of page is a close-up screenshot; photo immediately above is the same gate from a wide angle view). The post, the yellow concrete posts, and striped barrier were all made specifically for scenes 111.5 and 111.17.

Click on the chevron banner above to view a Google street view which shows the “Charlie Gate” as it actually exists. Notice the old airport control tower in the background. Click on image to move around and zoom in and out.

One person familiar with the airport says that the airport has other gates where pilots can scan security key cards to enter.3

Manifest Crew Operating a Boom

Twitter GIF

Josh Dallas has given us a behind the scenes GIF of the scene where Daly takes Ben into the airport’s hanger for the first time on the way to the flight simulator (111.5). Depending on the scene, one or two people are working on the set positioning the boom (a pole that holds a mic) in just the right out of view of the cameras. “Operating a boom is a delicate balancing act and its an art,” says Dallas. “Boom operators have to know the scene really well and they have to be aware of the camera and the actors at all times.”

Airport Operations Vehicles

The building where Daly parked his car and opens the hangar door to taxi out the airplane is in the background of the screen shots where we see the gate. We can see the hangar door where the plane is about to pull out.

The yellow fire truck and white truck used in the episode were real airport operations trucks with the airport logo hidden (111.19). Josh Dallas (Ben), Melissa Roxburgh (Michaela) and H. Foley (Harris) were in the small truck, but real employees who work for Republic Airport were in the fire truck (cf. photo above). They were not working the day the scene was shot and were paid by the studio.4

The Runways

Twitter GIF

In the episode, Captain Daly takes off on runway 27L. But that name does not exist at Republic. Instead it is called Runway 19. By using this runway, Daly would be heading out over the Atlantic Ocean. The direction he was flying can also be deduced by looking at the weather maps on Daly’s laptop. At no point would he have turned toward the city, as the Air Nation Guard claimed.

It was a cloudy and stormy day. Click on the chevron banner above to view a behind the scenes photo of Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburg having some fun with their umbrellas (which of course were not used in the actual filming).

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  1. The season one “Pilot” and Episode 5 “Connecting Flights” were shot at New York Steward International Airport in Orange County. It is in the southern Hudson Valley, west of Newburgh, and southwest of Poughkeepsie, approximately 60 miles (97 km) north of Manhattan, New York City.
  2. You can pan and move around by clicking and holding your mouse down and panning around on the image. You can even move around and zoom in and out.
  3. Obtained from a forum post by Moose135 at
  4. Ibid.

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